As a leading concrete company serving Ohio, Select Flooring Systems understands the importance of timely concrete repair. Ignoring signs of damage can lead to more extensive and costly issues down the line. In this guide, we’ll explore five key indicators that your concrete requires immediate attention, ensuring the safety and longevity of your surfaces.

Sign 1: Cracks

Concrete cracks are a common issue that should never be ignored. Whether they’re hairline cracks or more severe fissures, they can compromise the structural integrity of your concrete. Factors such as freeze-thaw cycles and heavy loads can contribute to crack formation. At Select Flooring Systems, our expert team can assess the type and cause of cracks in your concrete and implement the necessary repairs to prevent further damage.

Sign 2: Uneven Surfaces

Uneven or sunken areas in your concrete can pose serious safety hazards, especially in high-traffic areas. Soil erosion and poor installation are often to blame for these issues. Don’t wait until someone trips and falls—contact Select Flooring Systems for professional concrete repair services in Ohio. We’ll restore your surfaces to their original level and ensure a safe environment for all.

Sign 3: Spalling or Flaking

Spalling and flaking occur when the surface layer of concrete begins to deteriorate, resulting in the formation of pits and flakes. This can be caused by factors such as freeze-thaw damage and corrosion of reinforcement. If left untreated, spalling can compromise the structural integrity of your concrete. Trust Select Flooring Systems to assess and repair spalling issues promptly, protecting your investment and enhancing the appearance of your concrete surfaces.

Sign 4: Pitting and Scaling

Pitting and scaling are signs of surface deterioration that can detract from the aesthetics of your concrete. Chemical exposure and improper finishing are common culprits behind these issues. We utilize advanced repair techniques to address pitting and scaling, restoring your concrete’s durability and visual appeal. Don’t let surface defects tarnish your property’s image.

Sign 5: Water Damage

Water damage can wreak havoc on concrete surfaces, leading to issues such as pooling water and unsightly stains. Beyond cosmetic concerns, water penetration can weaken the structural integrity of your concrete and promote mold growth. Select Flooring Systems offers efficient solutions to combat water damage, including sealing and waterproofing treatments. Protect your concrete from moisture-related problems with our expert repair services.

Concrete Repair Services

Don’t overlook the warning signs of concrete damage—act swiftly to address issues before they escalate. Select Flooring Systems is your trusted partner for professional concrete repair in Ohio. With our expertise and dedication to quality craftsmanship, we’ll ensure your concrete surfaces remain safe, functional, and visually appealing for years to come. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward preserving your investment.