Everyone wants to get the most out of their existing concrete. After all, digging up old concrete and pouring a fresh base is a lot of work. Eventually, concrete does have to be replaced. If the foundation has shifted, deep and wide cracks have formed, and/or roots have grown underneath it, it’s probably time to start over.

If the foundation is strong, however, you may not have to tear up and re-pour everything.

Whether you’re looking to freshen up your concrete’s appearance, add stamped pattern, or you’re simply looking to cover some cracks and crevices, concrete resurfacer can be a great cost saving option. Though concrete resurfacer looks like normal concrete once dried, it’s actually a special compound with additives and bonding agents designed to connect with the existing concrete.

The question many ask, however is…

Why Can’t I Just Pour Concrete on Concrete?

Unfortunately, wet concrete is simply not designed to bond with dried concrete. Though it might initially look fine when it dries, soon enough, the new concrete will begin to break apart. Cracks that were present in the old concrete will appear in the new concrete as well.

To help combat this, you can try and place a separator between the old and new concrete, such as plastic sheeting or even a layer of sand. This should prevent the cracks from transferring, but it also leaves you with a thin, sensitive top layer of concrete.

With enough weight, the new layer could breakdown altogether.

That’s why it’s best to use concrete resurfacer. Resurfacer can be placed in a very thin layer, adding as little as a half an inch to the existing surface. And yet, the end product is very strong. Thicker layers can be used, if desired. Additionally, concrete resurfacer can be used to incorporate stamped patterns, stained colors, and more.

However, it’s best to leave concrete resurfacing to a professional. The old concrete needs to be properly prepared, and it takes a professional touch to lay the resurfacer right. Also, a flooring contractor is better equipped to finish the updated flooring with a variety of styles.

At Select Flooring Systems, we provide concrete resurfacing, staining, and stamping in Ohio. If you’re looking to breath new life into old concrete, contact us today!