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How Long Does Concrete Sealer Last? Insights for Ohio Residents

As a leading concrete company in Ohio, we understand the importance of protecting your concrete surfaces from the harsh elements. One crucial aspect of concrete maintenance is the application of a quality sealer. In this guide, we’ll delve into the factors influencing the lifespan of concrete sealers in Ohio and provide valuable insights on how […]

Is Concrete Waterproof?

Is concrete waterproof? This is a simple question you should ask of all flooring materials. There are very few flooring applications that would not benefit from being water resistant or waterproof, especially commercial concrete in Ohio.  The answer is simple. Concrete on its own isn’t waterproof, but concrete that is sealed or coated is waterproof.  […]

Commercial Uses For Finished Concrete

For years concrete has been used in industrial commercial settings. If you walked into a warehouse, factory, storage facilities, and other non-customer-facing facilities you would likely see basic unfinished concrete. Why? Because it is durable, long-lasting, and affordable.  Today, so many design and finishing touches can be added to concrete that it is no longer […]

Commercial Concrete Flooring Options

Concrete flooring has been a time-tested flooring option for commercial spaces. The durability and lower price point make concrete a great choice for restaurants, retail shops, warehouses, and more. The possibilities are endless for which business and commercial spaces could benefit from concrete flooring. Given the multiple ways concrete can be poured, enhanced, and designed, […]