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Concrete Floor Coating Customization Options for Garage Floors in Ohio

Your garage floor isn’t just a surface for parking vehicles—it’s an essential part of your home or business that deserves attention and care. That’s where our expertise comes in. At Select Flooring Systems, we specialize in concrete floor coatings designed specifically for garage environments. But what exactly is a garage floor coating, and why should […]

Understanding the Role of a Flooring General Contractor in Ohio

Are you considering a flooring upgrade for your Ohio property but feeling overwhelmed by the process? You’re not alone. Choosing the right flooring materials, coordinating installation schedules, and ensuring quality workmanship can be daunting tasks. That’s where a flooring general contractor comes in. In this post, we’ll delve into what a flooring general contractor is […]

Deciding on Concrete Glossiness For Your Commercial Space

Oftentimes when people think of concrete finishes they picture glossy concrete. This isn’t the wrong picture, as concrete can have a beautiful glossy finish if that is what you would like. Polished, densified, stained, epoxy coated, and stamped concrete floors can all have glossy finishes to them. But they don’t necessarily have to. Polished concrete […]

Tips to Prevent Your Garage Floor Coating From Peeling

Epoxy floor coating provides a variety of benefits to those who utilize them. This can include increased durability, affordability, easy maintenance, and visual appeal. Additionally, epoxy floor coating provides concrete crucial protection against oil, water, and various types of stains. Concrete without epoxy coating is likely to suffer deterioration that is preventable. Although epoxy garage […]

What Is Concrete Densifier?

One of the best things about concrete flooring is the multitude of ways it can be finished, resurfaced, and embellished. When you think of concrete flooring what comes to mind? Is it a drab, blank, gray, flat surface? Think again! Concrete can be finished to resemble any other building material through stamping, can be dyed […]