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What Is Concrete Densifier?

One of the best things about concrete flooring is the multitude of ways it can be finished, resurfaced, and embellished. When you think of concrete flooring what comes to mind? Is it a drab, blank, gray, flat surface? Think again! Concrete can be finished to resemble any other building material through stamping, can be dyed […]

We Are Answering Your Questions About Concrete Sealer

Concrete installation and the multitude of ways you can use it inside your home, in outdoor spaces or even commercial facilities is pretty straight forward. There are a few additional components of concrete installation and maintenance that can lead to some questions. At Select Flooring Systems not only do we install concrete but we help […]

Do You Need a Flooring General Contractor?

Are you building a new home or thinking about a big home renovation project? Both new builds and renovations can be huge loads for homeowners to take on. Chances are, the process is going to take over your life, but the end results? Will be worth it! For this reason, homeowners should seek professional help […]

The Best Places To Utilize Stamped Concrete

Like many other areas of home construction and design, innovation has continued to happen in the area of flooring within home or commercial construction. This innovation in flooring has consistently moved in the direction of what is both affordable and durable. Homeowners want floors that will look nice, stand the test of time, and that […]

Common Concrete Sealer Problems

Sealing your concrete, whether indoor or outdoor, is a great choice. Not only does sealed concrete look better, but it’s better protected against spills, stains, and general wear. However, if a floor is sealed incorrectly, glaring issues can arise that ruin your floor’s appearance and durability. Concrete sealant is a powerful chemical that’s designed to […]

Preventing Concrete Stains and Discoloration

As long as it’s poured right, concrete is tough and long-lasting. But even a well-done concrete flooring isn’t completely resilient. In addition to some minor cracking, concrete is susceptible to stains and discoloration. After all, concrete is a porous material. Liquids can infiltrate the surface, and if they’re not dealt with, they can leave stains […]

Should There be Cracks in My New Concrete?

Generally, cracks are a bad thing. Whether it’s a cracked mirror or cracking ice, it’s typically a sign that something is breaking or already broken. Cracks in concrete, however, are a little different. The truth is, it can be perfectly normal for concrete to crack to some extent. Yes, even new concrete. However, not all […]