Category: General Flooring

Tile vs. Stamped Concrete

Despite having been a part of interior design for a very, very long time, tiles seem to be as popular as ever. You’ll find tile patterns in plenty of places, particularly bathrooms and kitchens. And while they look nice, they also have some disadvantages. Alternatively, you can achieve the appearance of tile with stamped concrete. […]

Carpet vs. Stained Concrete

From the 60s to the early 2000’s, carpet was the leading floor option for homes. If you’ve purchased a home that was built during that time, it probably has carpet in a lot of places. There tend to be two big issues with that. Carpet stains and wears down, and even if it’s in good […]

Updating Your Driveway

The driveway is an often-overlooked piece of your property. With a few small touches, however, your driveway can provide a nice boost to your lawn’s aesthetic, improving curb-appeal. Here are a few simple ways you can upgrade your driveway for a minimum price. Add Some Lighting Placing lights across the sides of your driveway serves […]