Category: General Flooring

The Best Time to Coat Your Garage Floor

Coating your garage floor is a great way to not only spruce up your garage’s appearance but protect your floor. Garage floors tend to take a beating from outdoor precipitation, fluctuating temperatures, spilled chemicals, and more. A quality coating can protect your floor and help it last longer. Also, coated garage floors are a breeze […]

Stamped Concrete Options and Ideas

It’s amazing how much a simple update can transform your home. If you’re looking to take your patio, kitchen, bathroom, garden, or backyard pool to the next level, then stamped concrete is a great choice. It provides all of the benefits of a traditional concrete foundation with nearly limitless possibilities. In fact, the sheer number […]

Combating Winter Foot Traffic

People like to complain about the winter. Even those who enjoy the snow get tired of the frigid temperatures and bad driving conditions after a while. And while people usually talk about the discomfort and safety hazards that come with winter, there’s another unwelcomed trait worth discussing: The mess! Winter makes a mess of our […]

Waterproofing Your Basement

Most of us are looking forward to the snow melting away and the warm weather returning. But all that melted snow has to go somewhere, and if your home isn’t secure, it could go straight into your basement. The winter-to-spring transition is a common time for basement flooding to occur. The last thing you want […]