Concrete may last a long time, but eventually, it needs to be replaced. The question some homeowners have is… does it all need to be replaced at once?

Concrete doesn’t always wear evenly. Different areas receive different amounts of traffic. The end of your driveway may receive road salt during the winter, causing it to break down. The earth could shift in a specific spot, causing it to crack.

You may reach a point where one section of your driveway needs replacement, while the rest of it appears to be just fine. Do you simply live with it until the rest of the driveway wears down?


Can You Replace Part of Your Driveway?

Assuming the concrete was poured correctly, deep cracks and heavy breakage usually takes some time to appear in concrete, but it will happen. Usually, this happens fairly evenly across your driveway. If things are looking a bit rough, and your driveway is pushing 20 years, it makes the most sense to replace the entire thing at once.

If it appears to be an isolated section, however, replacing just one area usually isn’t cost-effective. It can also create an uneven appearance in your driveway. The good news is…

There is Another Option

If the concrete isn’t that old, and the rest of the concrete seems fine, the damage is probably superficial. In that case, full driveway replacement might be excessive. Instead, you can resurface your concrete. Concrete resurfacing is a relatively new method that allows you to apply a fresh top layer of concrete, creating a like-new finish for a fraction of the cost.

Concrete resurfacer is a specially designed compound that adheres to regular concrete, creating a strong bond that can last for years. Applied correctly, it looks indistinguishable from the original material. Done incorrectly, however, and you might have to tear up that entire driveway after all.

When it comes to your driveway, it’s best to utilize a professional. For concrete finishing and concrete resurfacing in Ohio, Select Flooring Systems has you covered. Contact us today!