With winter over and the snow melted away, it’s time to take care of the mess it’s made around your home. One place to start is with your driveway. Winter can be particularly rough on a driveway, and a driveway is not cheap to replace.

The truth is, you should practice healthy driveway maintenance year-round.

This isn’t just for appearance sake. A maintained driveway is safer, easier on your vehicles, and next time snow arrives, it’s a lot easier to shovel and keep clean if it’s smooth.

Here are some standard tips for keeping your driveway in shape.

Keep it Clean

Once things have warmed up, it’s good to give your driveway a nice power wash. This will clean away any salt, debris, and dirt left behind from the winter. Throughout the spring and summer, you should periodically sweep your driveway as well, making sure it’s clean and free of any sharp particles that could puncture a tire.

Fix and Fill Cracks

All concrete is prone to cracking. Left unchecked, many cracks will only get worse. Make sure to have them repaired and filled as needed before they turn into a serious issue.

Spray for Weeds

As the weather heats up, weeds will inevitably appear around your home. If they start to sneak through seems or cracks in your driveway, make sure to pull and spray. Left unchecked, these weeds will spread and could even cause damage to your driveway.

Make sure you spray around the edges of the driveway as well.

Remove Stains

If you’ve spilled something onto your driveway or you have a vehicle that’s leaked oil/fluid, make sure to clean it up. Chemicals can easily stain unprotected cement.

Take it Easy on the Salt

When the ice comes back around, be cautious in using salt on your driveway. While it can certainly eat through the ice, it can also just as easily eat through the surface of your concrete. Instead, try scrapping the ice away or utilizing sand to cover the slippery surface.

Apply Sealant or Coating

A fantastic way to protect your driveway while also improving its appearance is with concrete sealant or an epoxy coating. This not only adds a protective barrier to the concrete, but it can be used to add a colored, shimmering finish.

Of course, you don’t have to add any color. Either way, coating your driveway is definitely something to consider if you want to keep it protected.

For sealing, staining, or even concrete repair in Ohio, contact the professionals at Select Flooring. We’ll make sure your driveway lasts you a long time.