Concrete is known for its lasting power. Go to an ancient city like Rome, and you’ll find concrete structures that have existed for millennia.  

Of course, ancient buildings don’t take the same kind of beating as a concrete floor. The ground shifts, freezes, and expands, causing the concrete to constantly move and eventually crack. Then there’s the foot traffic, the constant weight bearing, and different elements that concrete floors endure. 

All things considered, concrete flooring still lasts a long time. 

If you take proper care of it, it can last even longer. Here are some tips:  

Avoid Salt 

If you want your exterior concrete to last, keep it away from salt and similar harsh materials. Yes, salt can be helpful in keeping ice melted during the winter, but it also creates a reaction that causes serious damage to your concrete. Instead, try using sand. Alternatively, there are some ice melt products designed to go easier on concrete. 

As for your interior concrete, keep it dry and clean, especially in the winter. Salty/snow mixes can find their way inside too. One great way to keep them protected is to use…. 

Strategically Placed Rugs 

Rugs don’t just look nice. They serve a purpose. If you have a decorative concrete floor, you likely want to show it off, not cover it up. That doesn’t mean you can’t place a rug at the entrance to the room. Try placing one by any sinks or under any coffee tables as well. 

Polishing and Densifying 

Concrete polishing and concrete densifying are two separate treatment options for concrete floors that not only make them look beautiful, but help them last longer. In both cases, the concrete surface is made less porous, keeping liquids and moisture out. 

Concrete Sealers and Coatings 

A concrete sealer is a great solution for indoor and outdoor concrete that adds a protective barrier above the concrete. It can prevent wear, cover cracks, keep out stains, and help your concrete last longer. 

Pair up concrete sealer with some concrete stain, and you have a beautiful finish that will go the distance. 

If you already have a sealed concrete floor, make sure you keep it maintained every few years. 

Make Sure the Concrete is Done Right 

Bad concrete jobs don’t last long. Whether you try pouring it yourself or you use an inexperienced “artisan”, if the job isn’t done correctly, your concrete will likely start cracking and shifting much sooner. 

The same goes for concrete treatments. Polishing, densifying, sealing, and staining are all processes that require precision and expertise. You also need the right tools for the job. 

Simply put, if you really want your concrete work to last, use a trusted professional. For all your concrete needs, from concrete staining to concrete resurfacing in Ohio, Select Flooring delivers results that will last.  

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