Carpet doesn’t last forever. In fact, it generally only lasts around a decade, and by the end of its life, it’s usually looking pretty ragged. The question is, do you rip up the old carpet and lay down some new carpet?

Or do you take the opportunity to put a new flooring option in place?

Though there are places where carpet can be nice, it tends to be overrated as a flooring material. After all, it’s very susceptible to stains, tears, and general wear. It’s expensive to purchase, especially when labor is factored in. And stylistically speaking, carpet doesn’t age well.

That’s why many home (and business) owners are moving away from carpet flooring. The question is, what do you replace it with? The best answer may depend on what’s underneath. If there’s a quality wooden floor that’s been covered up, many choose to show that off.

If there’s a concrete floor, however, why not simply finish the floor?

Restoring and Finishing Carpet-Covered Concrete

A concrete floor is essentially a blank canvas waiting to be designed. With a little stain and possibly some concrete stamping, you can transform a plain concrete floor into just about anything. Want to mimic other materials like wood or stone? That can be accomplished with a concrete floor. Alternatively, stain can be utilized to create something that’s wholly unique to you.

Staining and stamping concrete is surprisingly affordable, even with labor.

Whatever style you decide on, you should definitely hire an experienced professional to do the job. Staining and stamping concrete is a delicate job that requires special tools and precise work. This is especially true for concrete that has been covered by carpet. Preparation is one of the most important parts of the job, and that includes removing any glue or residue left behind by the carpet.

Upgrading Your Floor with Stained and Stamped Concrete

Stained and stamped concrete provides a timeless, long-lasting finish. If you’d like to maintain a little bit of the softness and warmth that carpet provides, you can always utilize rugs. Rugs are cheaper, easier to maneuver, and much simpler to replace than carpet.

If you’re ready to ditch the carpet and upgrade your flooring with the beautiful elegance of finished concrete, we can help. Select Flooring Systems provides a variety of concrete finishing services to meet your needs. For stained and stamped concrete services in Ohio, contact us today!