The driveway is an often-overlooked piece of your property. With a few small touches, however, your driveway can provide a nice boost to your lawn’s aesthetic, improving curb-appeal. Here are a few simple ways you can upgrade your driveway for a minimum price.

Add Some Lighting

Placing lights across the sides of your driveway serves a few purposes. On the visual side, it looks nice, providing some ambience to your lawn as the sun goes down. On a functional side, it provides clear indicators to you and anyone else who is pulling into your driveway.

Some well-placed lights can help keep vehicles from going onto your yard and damaging your grass.

Greenery Along the Edges

Lights aren’t the only thing you can line your driveway with. Shrubs, trees, flowers, and more can serve as a nice border to your driveway while creating visual contrast to your lawn. There is plenty of room for creativity when it comes to lining the edges of your driveway.

At the very least, you should keep the grass neat around the edges of the pavement. Put that weed eater to work.

A Basketball Hoop

Though it might not do a lot for visual appeal, a basketball hoop can add a lot of fun for the family. It’s especially great if you or your children have friends in the neighborhood. A basketball hoop is a great way to get outside without having to travel somewhere.

Just make sure to keep your cars clear of it.

Making an Entrance

For those who really want a posh entry to their home, you might want to consider adding an archway. It doesn’t work for a lot of residential properties, but in can in the right situation. A gate is probably too much for most. However, if you have a secluded, high-value home, there’s nothing wrong with adding a gate to the front of your driveway.

Alternatively, potted plants and other greenery can be added to the front ends of the driveway to indicate the entrance.

Repairing or Replacing Your Driveway

It doesn’t really matter what to do to spruce up your driveway if the pavement looks bad. Though concrete can last a long time, it does crack, chip, and wear down as years go by. When it comes to improving your concrete, it’s important to know you have options.

For minor blemishes, some concrete crack repair might do the trick. For bigger issues, you may want to consider concrete resurfacing. This adds a fresh layer over top of the existing concrete, creating a “like-new” finish for a fraction of the cost.

If you’re in need of either concrete resurfacing or concrete repair in Ohio, Select Flooring has you covered. Contact us today!