Carpet seems to be a lot less popular than it was a decade or two ago. There are some fair reasons why this is. For starters, carpet gets worn down quickly, and it can become easily stained. Cleaning it can be tricky, and replacing it is an expensive hassle.

On top of that, many carpet styles quickly become outdated. If you lay carpeting down, you’re pretty much committing to keeping it there. If you change your mind about having carpet later, you’ll have to tear it up, remove the foam, scrape away glue, and more.

Still, there’s no denying that carpet is nice to have in certain places. Certainly not on your bathroom floor, but other rooms can greatly benefit from carpet. It’s soft and inviting. It does a great job of absorbing sound. It’s great for rooms where people might be sitting or laying on the ground.

So, what do you do?

Consider Using Rugs Instead

Now, there are definitely rooms where it’s probably best to lay carpet. Particularly a main floor family room. For other places, however, a large area rug (or a combination of rugs) can accomplish the same job with a lot more flexibility.

An area rug is cheaper. If it becomes damaged or outdated, you can easily replace it with a new rug and possibly utilize the old one elsewhere. Rugs make cleaning easier as well. You can pick them up to shake them out, vacuum them, or take them to a professional cleaner for a deep clean.

Rugs are particularly great for basements, which can be prone to flooding. If water starts to come in, you can quickly move the rug. If the rug gets wet, you can hang it up to dry.

Of course, if you decide to go the rug route, the question becomes, what type of flooring should you have underneath the rug?

Stained concrete offers an affordable, versatile, long-lasting option that can meet any styling preference. You can take things even further with concrete stamping, allowing you to mimic just about any flooring material available.

We’ll leave the rug purchasing up to you, but for stained concrete, concrete stamping, and epoxy flooring in Ohio, contact Select Flooring Systems today!