One of the best things about concrete flooring is the multitude of ways it can be finished, resurfaced, and embellished. When you think of concrete flooring what comes to mind? Is it a drab, blank, gray, flat surface? Think again! Concrete can be finished to resemble any other building material through stamping, can be dyed any color, can include texture, and pattern, and is extremely durable.

For these reasons, concrete is an incredible option for any floor both in commercial and residential spaces.

Now, we know all these options can get a little confusing. How do you choose what is right for your space? That’s where our team of experienced professionals come in to guide you through. We can help you choose the best design and finish for your needs.

Today, however, we are here to talk about one particular finishing step that we receive many questions on. Concrete Densifiers. What is a concrete densifier? How does it work? Do I need a concrete densifier? Let’s take a look!

What is Concrete Densifier?

Concrete densifier is a chemical compound that is applied to the top of a concrete surface. This is done after the concrete is poured and set as a part of the finishing and refinishing process. Densifier is used to add strength and durability to any concrete surface.

How Does Concrete Densifier Work?

This chemical compound is poured onto concrete and begins to penetrate the pores within the concrete. The chemical reaction that happens from there, creates a byproduct that fills the pores and air pockets in your concrete.

What are The Benefits of Concrete Densifiers?

Using this finishing method will increase the strength and durability of your concrete. By filling the pores, your concrete certainly does become more dense. This makes it stronger, harder, and less susceptible to pitting.

Concrete densifiers also stop your concrete from dusting, which can be common on unfinished concrete. It increases your floor’s resistance from water, moisture, dust, dirt, oil, grease, and many other substances. The wear and tear of everyday traffic will show much less on densified concrete.

Do I Need Concrete Densifier?

Adding a concrete densifier to your finishing process will always be a good idea. For a small cost you can add years of durability to your floors. Contact our team for concrete resurfacing in Ohio and we can advise you on the best process and products to help your concrete floors stand the test of time.