As a company that provides a wide range of concrete finishing services, we regularly hear people use the words “concrete” and “cement” interchangeably. If we’re being honest, we probably mix the two up from time to time as well.

But the truth is, though very closely related, cement and concrete are not the same. What exactly is the difference between the two? Let’s take a closer look.

What is Cement?

Cement is a building material known as a binder. Just as it sounds, a binder is a substance that holds other materials together. Glue would be another example of a binder. Cement has been around since ancient times, and today, it is the second most used resource after water.

The actual makeup of cement can vary depending on what type it is. By far the most common type of cement today is Portland cement. Though that might sound like a brand name, it’s not. Portland cement is typically made by heating limestone and clay, and then grinding it up and adding a little gypsum.

Cement can then be used to form stucco, mortar, grout, and concrete. Speaking of….

What is Concrete?

Like cement, there are different types of concrete. However, traditional concrete is the mixture of cement, water, and an aggregate (crushed stone, sand, gravel, etc). The aggregate makes up over half of the concrete. The material used in the aggregate depends on the situation it’s being used for.

Portland cement is typically what is used in concrete, but other types may be used, depending on the situation.

So, just to recap, cement is a binder that holds things together. Cement is a key ingredient used in concrete, along with water and an aggregate. Concrete is ultimately the substance that’s used for floors, streets, walls, structures, and more.

Making Your Concrete Stand Out

While concrete is a pretty great material on its own, there are a variety of finishing methods that can be applied to it to improve resilience and/or appearance. At Select Flooring Systems, our general contractors in Ohio can transform your driveways, floors, and more.

The options available to you are only limited by your imagination. Let us take your concrete flooring to the next level. Contact us today!