School has started, the leaves are changing, and apples are being picked. You know what that means? Fall is in the air!

We hope you are enjoying all your favorite fall activities and the beautiful fall weather. As much as we wish fall would last much longer than it does, we have to remind you, winter is just around the corner.

Why do we need to be thinking about winter now? At Select Flooring Systems we know the value of preparing the exterior of your home for winter, in order to protect from the harsh elements. And that starts now!

Now is the time to think about what you can do, before temperatures drop and things freeze, to protect your home in a multitude of ways.

In your garage alone. There are several ways you can act now to be prepared for winter.

Check Weather Stripping

This tiny and seemingly meaningless strip attached to the bottom of your garage door is actually doing most of the work to seal your garage from the outdoor elements. For this reason, it is important to check the bottom and sides of your garage door to ensure all of this weather stripping is still intact.

Even a small missing piece could lead to heating inefficiencies and water and ice leaking in through the winter months. Be sure to have it repaired or replaced if needed.

Maintain Your Garage Door

Next to the weather stripping, your overall garage door should be maintained before winter. Are all the buttons and mechanics working properly? The last thing you want is to be trapped outside with no access to your house in the freezing cold due to a faulty garage door system.

Most garage doors should be installed and designed to withstand cold temperatures. If you aren’t sure about yours, contact our sister company Springfield Overhead Door for all your repair and maintenance needs.

Consider Insulation

Now is a time you could also consider your insulation options within your garage. This isn’t a necessity but if you wish to spend time in your garage over winter or keep your cars and other contents warmer or even save on your energy bill, adding insulation would be a great option.

Protect Your Floors

Garage floors are probably what take the biggest beating in the winter months. The ice, salt, slush, and snow that is tracked in and out of your garage can be rough on garage floors. Floors that have no protective coating on them can be especially vulnerable to the winter elements and may result in cracking, chipping or even greater damage throughout the winter.

How can you protect your garage floors this winter? Consider applying either a concrete seal or epoxy flooring in Ohio. Both are great options to help your garage floors stand the test of time.

Concrete sealer is a substance that penetrates the surface of the concrete, filling the pores and making the surface more resilient. By itself, sealer doesn’t change the appearance of the concrete. However, by filling in the pores of the concrete, it enables your concrete to better repel water and other liquids.

Epoxy is a substance made up of resin and a hardener that combine to create a strong, smooth finish across the surface of your concrete. Instead of penetrating the surface like sealer, epoxy coating forms a new layer on top of the concrete.

Get Started Today!

Fall is the perfect time to start thinking about winterizing your garage, especially your concrete floors or other outdoor concrete surfaces. Between apple picking and the corn maze give us a call at Select Flooring Systems today to get started.