Concrete Resurfacing

Tearing up and replacing concrete is an expensive, labor-intensive project. After all, concrete is designed to last. There may come a time where concrete removal is necessary, but for many people with old or worn concrete, the best thing is to work off of what’s there.

Concrete resurfacing allows you to save a lot of money on redoing your flooring while leaving you with a beautiful like-new finish.

At Select Flooring, we provide both residents and businesses with concrete resurfacing in Ohio, resurrecting the beauty their floor once had. In fact, with our concrete finishing abilities, we can make it look better than ever.

If you’re in need of concrete resurfacing in Ohio, contact us today for a quote or feel free to ask a few questions.

How Concrete Resurfacing in Ohio Works

In theory, concrete resurfacing is a simple, straightforward process. However, precise execution is critical in delivering a quality end-product. Even a small error can result in a poor finish. That’s why it’s best to leave concrete resurfacing to the pros.

At Select Flooring, we offer quality workmanship for an affordable price. Here’s how we do it:

First, the current concrete slab is cleaned, removing any dirt and debris. If anything gets left behind, it could compromise the integrity of the resurfacing process. We also fill in and repair cracks and breaks in the concrete surface

If concrete is particularly uneven in some areas, sanding or leveling may be needed to ensure the resurfaced flooring is flat.

Finally, after it’s been repaired and cleaned, we pour a concrete resurfacing mix made of cement and special bonding agents. This will dry to look just like brand new concrete.

But It Doesn’t Have to Stop There

The truth is, you can do a lot with concrete. Whether it’s staining, sealing, densifying, or polishing, we can leave you with a beautiful floor that meets both practical and aesthetical needs.

Our certified staff has 20 years of experience with state of the art equipment and products to complete your flooring projects. Contact us today!