Preventing Concrete Stains and Discoloration

As long as it’s poured right, concrete is tough and long-lasting. But even a well-done concrete flooring isn’t completely resilient. In addition to some minor cracking, concrete is susceptible to stains and discoloration. After all, concrete is a porous material. Liquids can infiltrate the surface, and if they’re not dealt with, they can leave stains […]

The Truth Behind Epoxy Coating

An epoxy coating is a great way to protect your concrete floor while improving its appearance. Epoxy is a resin compound that creates a solid, translucent surface over your concrete. Whereas concrete is porous and absorbent, epoxy is resistant to spills and stains. This has made it a popular option for a variety of situations […]

Can I Stamp My Own Concrete?

Stamped concrete continues to grow in popularity and for good reason. It offers near limitless possibilities. It can mimic other materials like stone, tile, and even wood, often for a much lower cost. Alternatively, it can create something much more unique in appearance than traditional flooring materials. Either way, stamped concrete works great for both […]