Flooring Contractor in Ohio

At Select Flooring, we provide general contractor services in Ohio for all of your flooring needs. Whether you’re trying to protect, repair, strengthen, or stylize your concrete, our team has the ability and experience you’re looking for.

We’re available for both residential and commercial projects, with a range of options to meet your schedule and your budget.

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Finishing a floor takes precision, patience, and the right tools. One mistake can ruin the whole project. That's why it's best left to a trusted professional. Select Flooring Systems has the experience and reputation you can trust.

For concrete general contractor services in Ohio, contact us today.

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Here’s What We Can Do for You!

If you have need of a general contractor in Ohio that specializes in concrete services, we’ve got you covered.

Our services include:

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings add a protective layer to your floor that’s stain resistant, helping your concrete keep its appearance. Concrete coatings also add varying degrees of glossy finish, adjusted to meet your personal preference.

If you want to protect your concrete while improving the appearance, an epoxy coating is a great option.

Staining and Design

Concrete doesn’t have to all look the same. With staining, you can bring an ordinary concrete surface to life. Choose colors, patterns, and more to match the aesthetic of any room.

Stamped and Decorative Concrete

Want a concrete floor that isn’t a flat, shapeless mass? Stamped concrete can add some texture and depth to your floor. Combined with the right stain, stamped concrete can even mimic other material such as tile, brick, stone, and more.


Concrete can withstand a lot of weight. But sometimes, you need extra strength. Concrete densifier is a chemical compound applied to a concrete floor that fills pores, increasing strength while decreasing absorption.


Polishing is typically used with the densifying process to add a beautiful finish to your concrete floor. Polished concrete is smoother, better looking, and easier to clean.

Repair and Restoration

Even properly poured concrete wears down and breaks. Whether you’re experiencing cracking, shifting, or a loss in your finish’s luster, we can restore your concrete back to its proper state.

But Wait, There’s More!

There are a lot of ways to finish a floor. Often, different methods can be combined to create a floor that's both beautiful and well protected. The best way to learn what we can do for your concrete is to contact us directly.

Give us a call or send us an email, and we can talk about your needs and give you a quote. Stylized concrete is more affordable than you think. For a flooring general contractor in Ohio, you can trust in Select Flooring Systems.