When it comes to pouring a driveway, you generally have two choices:

Concrete or asphalt.

Sure, you could utilize gravel or even a dirt path, but those messy, unattractive, hard to maintain, and come winter, difficult to clean.

Asphalt is a tar-based mix that’s usually applied hot (though warm and even cold-mix asphalt is available). Concrete, on the other hand, relies on cement (sand and gravel).

While both are commonly found in driveways across the country and leave behind similar finishes, they have some notable distinctions.


Asphalt is, of course, what the large majority of the roads around your home are made up of. When it dries, it leaves behind a semi-smooth, singular surface that will likely blend in with the street it connects to.

While you’re able to make minor adjustments to asphalt appearance, it’s customization is limited. Though the surface is flat and smooth, it can be difficult to make the edges clean and squared like concrete.

During the summer months, you’ll find that asphalt absorbs more heat than concrete as well, making it soft and uncomfortable to stand on.

Asphalt is often cheaper upfront, but it doesn’t last as long as concrete and requires more maintenance. You’ll need to have it sealed within the first year and then resealed every 3 years or so. Over an extended period of time, asphalt can quickly become the more expensive option.


Concrete is known for its customization and durability. With the right stain and/or sealant, concrete can look like just about any hard surface, from stone to tile and more. If you want it to stand out, a glossy or semi-gloss finish can be added.

Of course, you also have the option to keep the traditional matte-finish as well.

Concrete lasts a long time. Up to twice as long as asphalt. With a protective sealant, it can last even longer. It’s also more resistant to heat and can easily be shaped as needed.

Which is Right for Me?

If you want a long-lasting surface with more options for customization, then concrete is the way to go. For all your concrete needs in Ohio, from driveway installation and styling to garage floor coating, Select Flooring is here for you.

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