Concrete, all on its own, is an incredibly strong material. It can be used in construction and building for a multitude of reasons. From floors, sidewalks, and patios to countertops, mantels, and furniture, the versatility of concrete allows for it to be used for almost anything.

Many professionals choose to work with concrete as it offers durability at an affordable price. Today, concrete can also be stamped, dyed, and finished to look polished and beautiful.

Speaking of finishes, as concrete professionals we often get asked about concrete sealers. If concrete is so strong and durable, why do we need a sealer? Whether you’re a DIYer looking to save time or want to save money on having concrete installed, applying a concrete sealer is a step that should never be skipped. Here’s Why:

Concrete Sealer Increases Durability

Sealed concrete is protected from the elements, no matter how much exposure it may get. This means less cracking, scaling, and other common concrete problems. Not only will your floors look nicer but they will be stronger for longer.

Concrete Sealer Protects Against Mold

It is common for moisture to sneak into any type of flooring you may lay down. A concrete sealer will act as a barrier from this water seeping into your concrete. This means it will also help protect against mold and other bacteria from growing and spreading through your floors.

Concrete Sealer Extend The Life of Your Concrete

Overall a concrete sealer can extend the life of your concrete floors, meaning you won’t have to repair or replace them for years to come. On average we see sealed concrete floors last and look great for 20-30 years.

Concrete Sealer Decreases Damage

Like we said above sealer can extend the life of your concrete by reducing the damage it endures. Things like oil spills, UV rays, weather changes, and more can damage your floor over time. Adding a concrete sealer will greatly reduce the effects.

Concrete Sealer Maintains Color or Pattern

If your concrete is stained or stamped, a sealer will help maintain vibrant colors and fun patterns from wear and tear.

For Professional concrete sealer application in Ohio, our team at select flooring systems are experts in all things concrete.