Looking to protect your garage flooring? We don’t blame you. Between car fluids, salt from melted snow, and everything else that gets tracked in from the outside, garage floors can take a beating. You want to keep them protected so that they can last a long time.

This can be done with a quality garage floor coating.

In addition to protecting the floor, it can make clean-up a breeze. If you’re looking for garage floor coating, you need to know the options available to you. Here is what to consider:

Concrete Sealer

Concrete sealer bonds with the top of your garage floor to make it resistant to staining and fading.  It’s quick to apply and dry, giving you a protected floor with little inconvenience.

One of the best things about concrete sealer is that it’s highly customizable. It can be worked to look how you want it, whether that’s glossy, non-glossy, patterned, and more.

Epoxy Coating

Just as the name says, this method adds a coating of epoxy across the top of the cement. This substance can fill in cracks and holes, creating a smoother surface while adding a protective barrier between your floor and the world above it.

What’s epoxy? It’s a chemical compound made of resin and hardener that becomes very strong as it dries. Epoxy flooring is stain and spill resistant and performs quite will under heavy loads and high traffic.

Epoxy flooring is usually on the glossier side, though this can be toned down as desired.

What About Concrete Stain?

Concrete staining can make your flooring look beautiful. It’s capable of creating endless patterns or mimicking other materials such as stone or wood. That said, it’s not very protective by itself. However, it can be combined with a sealer or coating to protect the final finish.

The end result is a garage floor that’s as beautiful as it is long lasting.

Can I Coat My Own Garage Floor?

Though sealing and epoxy products are sold at stores, it’s not recommended you try it yourself. These compounds are complex and potent. Applying them incorrectly can ruin your floor and waste the products you purchased.

Thankfully, having a professional add a coating or sealant to your garage floor is surprisingly affordable.

Considering it can help make your concrete last longer, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment. Not sure if you should go with sealant or epoxy coating? We can guide you through the process so you know your options and understand what’s best for your needs.

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