Stamped concrete has been around for a while, but these days, it seems more popular than ever. Why? Because more and more people have come to realize that they can have a beautiful, unique floor for a surprisingly affordable price.

One of stamped concrete’s greatest assets is its ability to look like other, often more expensive flooring materials. Though you will want to hire a professional for stamped concrete, you can still achieve a premium look for a fair cost.

Whether you’re installing stamped concrete in a commercial setting or your home, here are just a few of the styles stamped concrete can achieve.


Stone floors are beautiful and timeliness. However, they can also be expensive. Not only is the material pricey, but the installation tends to be costly as well. Stone floors are also prone to shifting, cracking, and more. Stamped concrete can achieve an appearance that’s virtually indistinguishable from the most expensive stone materials.

It’s also easier to color match stamped concrete than it is actual stone.


Wood is another flooring option that has become incredibly popular the past few years. Many older homes already have wooden floors in place, though they’re often covered up by unsightly carpet. If you already have wood floors in place that simply need a little touching up, that might be your best bet.

If you’re considering installing wooden floors, however, you may want to consider stamped concrete. Stamped concrete can mimic the color and patterns of any wood flooring options out there, often for a cheaper price. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about splintering, rotting, and other issues that come with wood.


Pavers are a very popular option for patios, gardens, walkways, and more. They’re simple, and they can be expanded upon if needed. However, they don’t always age very well. Over time, the ground shifts, causing pavers to become uneven. Also, weeds and grass tend to grow through pavers, even if you lay a base beneath.

Stamped concrete can provide the appearance of pavers with the stability of concrete. Whatever paver material you’re thinking, stamped concrete can match it.

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Stamped concrete can also mimic brick pavers. Brick might seem a little old-fashioned to some, but it’s still a popular choice for those who want a classic, quaint outdoor hardscape. With stamped concrete designed to look like brick, you can save yourself the normal headaches that come with laying down brick pavers.


When you think of tile, you might be thinking of the classic subway tile or porcelain floor tile. The truth is, there are a lot of different types of tile out there, some of which don’t look drastically different from pavers. Unlike pavers, however, tile is sealed together with grout. This prevents the shifting and plant growth that pavers experience.

On the other hand, tile tends to be more expensive. They can also easily be damaged, which results in special repair needs. Stamped concrete can avoid this issue, recreating tile patterns usually at a more affordable price.

And So Much More

With stamped concrete, you can make your floor look like just about any other hard floor material out there. However, you don’t have to make it look like another material. With staining and stamping, the possibilities for concrete floor design are nearly limitless. You can even combine different styles and patterns.

If you’re looking for interior or exterior stamped concrete in Ohio, contact Select Flooring Systems today. We’ll provide you with high quality service at an affordable price.