Daylight saving has passed, longer days are upon us, and the spring season is returning life the world around us. While it’s great to see leaves budding on trees and grass returning to a proper shade of green, it’s not all good news. The return of plant life also means the return of weeds.

If you don’t take swift action, you’ll start to see them popping up everywhere. This includes your driveway and sidewalks.

Having weeds, moss, and other plant life emerge from your exterior concrete can be frustrating. However, you’re not completely defenseless. By taking some strategic steps, you can put a stop to weed and other plants growing out of concrete surfaces.

Apply Plant Killer ASAP

If your concrete has cracks or seems, there’s a good chance there is already plant seed in there, waiting to sprout. Even before you start seeing anything grow out of the cracks and crevices, it’s a good idea to go around and spray some plant killer into these spaces. The sooner you hit the vegetation, the less likely it is to grow at all.

Just remember to use the right compound. Often times, grass grows out of concrete cracks, and weed killer designed for lawns won’t affect it. You’ll need a more well-rounded plant killer to do the job.

Repair Cracks

While spraying plant killer into cracks is a good preventative measure, filling in those cracks is even better. If there’s no space for dirt and seed to fill, then there’s no way for weeds and grass to grow in the first placed. Spring is the perfect time for some concrete crack repair.

If your cracks are deeper and fairly numerous, you might want to consider concrete resurfacing instead. This creates a like-new surface across the top of your concrete, filling in gaps and leaving you with a beautiful finish.

Pull Any Weeds That Appear

Even after spraying plant killer and filling in cracks, you might still see some weeds emerge. If not in your concrete, then around the edges. Wherever weeds are appearing, it’s important that you remove them completely. Some weeds can be frustratingly resilient to herbicides. If you don’t remove them, they can start to seed and spread, leaving you with a much bigger problem.

Don’t put off weed pulling. If you see a weed, pull it out.

Seal Your Concrete

If you truly want to bring next-level protection to your exterior concrete, you should consider sealing it. Concrete sealer covers the surface of your concrete, sealing the pours and cracks. This reduces moisture that can otherwise help weeds thrive. Additionally, it can prevents weeds growing under the surface from breaking through.

Best of all, sealed concrete lasts longer and looks better. The latter is especially true if you include some concrete stain with it. Just make sure that you use a professional. Concrete sealer is a strong compound that can make a bit of a mess if mishandled.

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