When it comes to adding a hard surface outside, you have a few options available. Two of the most popular choices are pavers and stamped concrete. Both are regularly used for patios, pools, firepits, walkways, and more.

The questions is, which is best for your needs? Let’s take a closer look at each option.


Pavers are individual stones placed closely together, forming a brick or tile-like pattern. Their biggest advantage is that they’re simple and easy to install. Paver areas can also be expanded with relative ease, if needed. Different patterns can be created with some creative placement.

The cost can vary quite a bit depending on the type of pavers you’re using, though it’s typically seen as an affordable option.

While pavers themselves last a while, a paver surface doesn’t always age gracefully. They tend to shift over time as the ground moves. Even with a paver based laid beneath, weeds can grow between the pavers.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete offers an unmatched variety of options when it comes to creating an exterior surface. There are near endless mixes of colors, shapes, styles, and patterns available. If you have a concrete base already in place, stamped concrete can be layered over it.

Even without a base layer in place, stamped concrete is comparable to the cost of pavers. Better yet, it can mimic the appearance of even more expensive materials, if you wish.

As with any concrete, there will be some cracking that appears over time. With the right patterns and textures, this is hardly noticeable, and some find it to add to the aesthetic. Some stamped concrete finishes can be slippery when wet.

However, a non-slip substance can be mixed into the concrete sealer to create a slip-resistant surface.

The Choice is Yours

As with any flooring option, it’s ultimately your decision which one you go with. That said, while pavers aren’t a bad choice in the right area, stamped concrete simply offers more flexibility and an unbeatable appearance.

If you do choose stamped concrete, it’s highly recommended that you utilize a professional. Between the tools needed for the stamping process and the sensitivity of staining materials, it’s something you want to make sure is done correctly.

Thankfully, even with the installation cost, stamped concrete remains an affordable, long-lasting choice for exterior surfaces. For stamped concrete in Ohio, contact Select Flooring Systems today!