An epoxy coating is a great way to protect your concrete floor while improving its appearance. Epoxy is a resin compound that creates a solid, translucent surface over your concrete. Whereas concrete is porous and absorbent, epoxy is resistant to spills and stains.

This has made it a popular option for a variety of situations including lobbies, garages, kitchens, showrooms, restaurants, and more. Like anything that’s popular, epoxy flooring has picked a number of myths over the years. As experienced flooring contractors, we’ve applied epoxy coating to many floors in the state of Ohio.

Today, we thought we’d set the record straight and share some truths about epoxy coating.

It’s Surprisingly Affordable

Despite its luxurious appearance, epoxy coating is surprisingly affordable, especially when you consider that it protects and extends the life of your concrete. The exact cost can vary depending on whether you’re also staining or styling your floor in any way. Nevertheless, epoxy coating is an option that should fall in most people’s price range.

It’s Much More Than Paint

Some people think they can achieve similar results to epoxy coating by simply painting over their concrete floor. This is simply not true. Paint does not bond with your concrete flooring or create a distinct protective layer the way that epoxy does. It simply covers the floor with a very thin, colored layer that’s guaranteed to start chipping over time.

For colored epoxy floors, a stain is applied. Unlike paint, stain penetrates the surface of the floor, creating a longer lasting appearance.

It’s Low Maintenance

Bare concrete is one of those surfaces that never quite feels like it’s clean. You can sweep it (and even mop it), and you’ll see dust and debris almost immediately. Epoxy coating helps with this, leaving you with a floor that looks pristine and new. To clean your epoxy flooring, simply sweep it. For better results, however, we’d recommend a dust mop.

For spills or build-up, a wet mop should do the trick.

It’s Customizable

Epoxy coating by itself is clear and glossy. However, there are a lot of customization options available when coating your floor. Stain can be utilized to add some color and patterns. Also, if you prefer your floor to be a little less shiny, the glossiness can be toned down.

For areas that are likely to get wet, an additive can be included that makes the coating non-slip.

You Should Use a Professional

If you’ve heard someone complaining that their epoxy flooring only lasted two or three years, there’s a good chance they applied it themselves. Though you can find DIY epoxy coating kits at your local hardware store, it’s a job best left to professionals. Applying an epoxy coating requires proper preparation and precise application. Not only do you need to make sure your floor is properly prepared before application, but epoxy resin can be a tricky substance to work with.

A poorly done epoxy coating won’t just look bad; it likely won’t last long either. The last thing you want to end up with is a ruined floor that you need to strip and start over with. Save yourself the trouble and hire a professional to do the job the first time around.

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