People like to complain about the winter. Even those who enjoy the snow get tired of the frigid temperatures and bad driving conditions after a while. And while people usually talk about the discomfort and safety hazards that come with winter, there’s another unwelcomed trait worth discussing:

The mess!

Winter makes a mess of our cars, our homes, our businesses, and more. You should always make sure you’re cleaning and protecting against the cold, welt, saltiness of winter. That includes your floors.

Floors are generally designed to handle wear and tear, but winter leave them damaged and looking dirty. Combatting winter foot traffic can feel like an impossible task, but it’s worth the effort if you want your floors to stay intact.

Here are a few simple tips to protect your floors during winter.

Mats Inside and Outside

The best defense against winter foot traffic is a two-mat system. That means placing a mat outside of the door to get the worse of the ice and now, and then a mat on the inside to soak up what’s left. The outdoor mat should be course and brisling so it can dig the snow out of the treads of people’s boots and shoes.

The indoor mat should be long enough that they can take a few steps inside before they hit the bare floor.

Shoes Off

Don’t hesitate to employ a no-shoes policy during the winter. Even if it’s in an office. If it’s your space, you have the say in how people travel through it. Keeping shoes by the door is one of the best ways to keep your floor clean.

Just hope everyone is wearing clean socks.

Also, it’s a good idea to have a boot/shoe tray by the door so people can place their shoes out of the way.

Shovel Front of Entry Points

The more snow in front of your entrance, the more snow will be tracked inside. Keep a clear path to your home and always make sure your outdoor mat is free of snow. When it comes to cleaning your sidewalk and steps, it can be tempting to use salt to de-ice things, but this can damage concrete and get tracked inside the house, creating a white, corrosive mess.

Use it only when absolutely necessary.

Regular Cleaning

Even with the right precautions, you’ll need to diligently clean your floors throughout the winter. It’s a simple fact. The longer the mess stays, the greater the chances are it will stain and damage your floor. Get into the habit of regular mopping and vacuuming, especially during winter time.

Protecting Your Concrete

Whether you have concrete just outside of your home or inside too, it’s important you keep it protected from the elements. Despite its strength and durability, concrete is susceptible to cold, moisture, and salt.

Add additional protection with an epoxy coating or concrete sealer. Great for indoor and outdoor uses, a quality concrete coating can help your concrete last longer while improving its appearance. For residential and commercial concrete work in Ohio, contact Select Flooring today.

We’ll keep your concrete looking good all year round.