Oftentimes when people think of concrete finishes they picture glossy concrete. This isn’t the wrong picture, as concrete can have a beautiful glossy finish if that is what you would like. Polished, densified, stained, epoxy coated, and stamped concrete floors can all have glossy finishes to them. But they don’t necessarily have to.

Polished concrete will almost always have a degree of shine, however, when it comes to finished concrete, you generally have control over just how glossy the finished appearance is. If one method is too glossy for your taste, another method can be implemented to create a matte finish.

Not sure whether you want glossy, matte, or somewhere in between. Let’s take a look at some of your options for commercial concrete flooring in Ohio.

High-Gloss Concrete Flooring

When clean and fresh, a high-gloss floor is beautiful. It’s almost like a mirror to the world above it. Colors in the concrete look more vivid and bright. In the eyes of many, a glossy floor creates an image of prestige and class. It can make a room look bigger than it actually is.

Glossy flooring also affects how bright a room gets. Because it reflects light better, less light is needed to properly illuminate a room. It also means light is shining from both above and below. This is part of why high-gloss floors tend to be popular in showrooms, allowing items to be well lit all around.

On the other hand, high gloss floors do require a little more work to keep clean. While its smooth finish makes it easy to clean, you’ll have to be more vigilant in clearing away smudges, streaks, and scuffs.

The reflection can also turn against you if you have windows that let the sun in. When the sun hits a high gloss floor, the results can be blinding. It’s recommended that you install some good sun-blocking shades to get around this.

Finally, standard high-gloss floors tend to be more slippery than matte or semi-gloss finishes, especially when wet. However, additives can be used to combat this while retaining the glossy finish.

Matte Finish

Depending on what appearance you’re going for, a matte finish can appear more “realistic”. This is particularly true when you’re trying to mimic a specific type of flooring material such as wood or stone. A matte finish tends to hide imperfections better as well.

While it can hide problems, it can be more difficult to clean.

Meeting Your Unique Needs For Commercial Concrete

A lot of flooring comes down to personal preference and the location where it’s being used. There are also semi-gloss finishes that provide you with some of the advantages of both sides. More advanced flooring patterns can even integrate both gloss and matte finishes.

When it comes to finished concrete, the options are nearly endless. At Select Flooring Systems, we’re equipped to handle all of your commercial flooring desires. Whether your space needs all new concrete, repairs, or just updated finishes, contact us today for a quote on your next project.