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We always suggest utilizing our team’s years of expertise, knowledge, and experience for the best results in installing, repairing, or maintaining concrete. If you are looking into applying garage coatings yourself, you may quickly become confused about the best course of action. There are various coating products on the market today. This includes epoxy coating, epoxy paint, or garage floor paint. How do you know which is the best option for your garage?

Ask the professionals!

If you are looking for a simple breakdown of the differences, look no further. Let’s take a look!

Epoxy Paint vs. Epoxy Coating

Epoxy paint combines regular garage floor paint and an epoxy coating. Epoxy coating contains solid epoxy and will provide your garage floor with the highest level of durability and protection. Because of this, it is one of the most expensive floor coating options. However, in our experience, the cost of a quality floor coating is worth it as it will save you money on concrete repair in the long run. 

Epoxy paint is less durable but contains enough epoxy to provide a layer of protection for many applications on concrete. This could be an option if you are operating on a tight budget. 

Epoxy Paint vs. Normal Paint

Epoxy paint has epoxy mixed into acrylic paint to make it thicker and more able to bond and adhere to the concrete. Normal paint is more susceptible to peeling faster after it is applied to a concrete slab. The epoxy additive in epoxy paint enhances its bonding capability.

Epoxy paint is certainly more durable than standard paint. If your only choices are between epoxy paint and normal paint we would choose epoxy paint every time. 

Garage Floor Coating in Ohio

If you are interested in new concrete, concrete repair, or garage floor coatings in Ohio, our team at select floor systems has years of expertise to help you get beautiful and durable concrete results on all kinds of surfaces. Give us a call today!