If you own a commercial space of any kind you have the responsibility to ensure a safe working environment. This can pertain to many different elements of your space, but today we are focusing on your flooring. 

Flooring in a commercial workspace can be especially hazardous if you handle liquids, spills are common, or you deal with a large number of slip-and-fall accidents. 

The best solution to slippery floors in a commercial space is to install non-slip flooring. As concrete flooring experts, we know concrete on its own can become slippery when wet, but luckily there are many non-slip coating options to mitigate this risk and keep your employees, customers, or clients safe. 

In the long run, installing a non-slip floor coating in your commercial space can actually save you money as well. Continue reading to find out how. 

Four Ways Anti-Slip Flooring Saves You Money

Increase productivity, less time wasted. 

Every time you deal with an employee or customer slipping on a puddle or spill, you lose time and decrease productivity. If employees get injured they may be out of work for an unforeseen amount of time, putting you down as an employee and short on staff. 

Less Worker’s Compensation Claims

For many reasons you want your employees to be safe in their workplace. One risk you run when an employee gets injured at work is having to pay workers’ compensation. This can cost a company a lot of money. If anti-slip flooring prevents falls and injuries it will also prevent having to pay worker’s comp claims. 

Protecting your customers

If your commercial space or business welcomes customers or clients into your building, you want to ensure their safety as well. A customer injuring themselves in your shop can have grave consequences.  They could easily be entitled to compensation, and the resulting bad publicity could harm your operation going forward.

Increase Flooring Durability

Applying an anti-slip epoxy coating to your concrete floors will not only protect the safety of workers and customers but will protect your floors. Floors with epoxy coating have increased durability, need less maintenance, and will last longer than floors without. This will save you money on floor repairs and  minimizes disruption in operations in the long run. 

Commercial Flooring In Ohio

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