This time of year, many homeowners start to consider selling their homes in the upcoming spring and summer months. In the months leading up to putting your home on the market, you will spend hours cleaning, updating, organizing, and staging the interior of your home.

While the interior of your home is extremely important, don’t forget to enhance the exterior of your home as well. As a seller, you want to do anything you can to make your home stand out to potential buyers. How can you do this? Enhance your exterior.

Let’s take a look at some easy exterior adjustments homeowners can make to help their home stand out from the rest and ultimately increase the value of their home.

Maintain Your Lawn and Landscaping

Taking the time to maintain a well-groomed and healthy lawn will bring you great returns when you go to sell your home. A beautiful lawn can give buyers a sense of a relaxed outdoor lifestyle with a place for children and pets to play. It sets the stage for how the rest of your home will be perceived.

Add Privacy

Healthy and trimmed shrubs and trees offer great curb appeal and can be great additions to your landscape design. If these trees and shrubs also offer natural privacy for your home or outdoor spaces, this is a huge win.

If natural privacy isn’t an option consider adding, fencing, retaining walls, or even concrete features to add additional privacy.

Buyers love when an outdoor space has a sense of privacy, no one likes to feel like their neighbors are right on top of them. This can be especially valuable to homes with small yards and close neighbors as it helps define your property.

Repair Concrete Pathways

You know anyone who enters your home is going to walk on the pathway leading to your front door. Be sure to make sure these paths are clear of debris, overgrown grass or plants, weeds, and cracks. You can even use a pressure washer to wash away dirt and any other build-up.

If any cracks or uneven surfaces are present in your pathway, it is important to have those repaired. A cracked uneven pathway will distract buyers and take away from other exterior enhancements.

Concrete repair in Ohio can have your front walkway looking good as new.

Update Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living spaces are always a plus. This can be seen as bonus square footage that should increase your home’s value. Porches, patios, outdoor kitchens, pool decks, any gathering space outside can help sell your home. Whether you have new concrete installed or repair existing surfaces, freshening up these areas will help buyers imagine how they could utilize them.

Add Irrigation System

Anything that eliminates work for potential buyers is a plus. Irrigation systems are very low maintenance and eliminate the need to spend time managing watering the lawn. An irrigation system shows buyers you have put time and effort into caring for your lawn and they will be happy to be able to effortlessly do the same.

Concrete Repair in Ohio

If you are wanting to boost the curb appeal of your home whether it’s for your enjoyment or potential buyers, consult our team of professionals at Select Flooring Systems. Don’t let cracked or damaged concrete distract buyers from the beauty of your home.