There are a number of reasons why you should finish your garage floor. Not only does it look nicer, but it protects your concrete and makes it easier to clean. Best of all, it’s surprisingly affordable. Generally, the best choice for finishing your garage floor is an epoxy coating.

Epoxy is a chemical compound that’s made of one-part resin and one-part hardener. The resin provides a glossy finish, while the hardener gives it strength. Together, they create a beautiful, glossy, long-lasting finish for your concrete floor.

Except sometimes, the epoxy coating doesn’t last very long.

In less than a year, some people discover their once beautiful epoxy floor is now peeling. This not only looks bad, but it leaves the concrete exposed. To make things worse, it’s not easy to remove the remaining epoxy.

The question is, what went wrong?

The Cause of Garage Floor Peeling

You may think that you purchased poor-quality epoxy. However, epoxy peeling typically stems from either an error in preparation or application. Before any epoxy can be placed on your floor, the concrete needs to be properly prepared.

Obviously, the floor will need to be cleared, but the process doesn’t stop there. It needs to be thoroughly cleaned, with as much dust being removed as possible. If there are cracks or chips present, they may need to be repaired. Next, the floor will be etched with a water-based solution. This will help the concrete surface bond with the epoxy coating.

Finally, the floor is given a final rinse to ensure any lingering debris is removed.

If any of this is done incorrectly, the epoxy may not bond properly and/or bubbles may form, which will ultimately lead to peeling. If any moisture is left in the concrete before the coating is added, it will likely result in peeling as well.

Even if the floor is correctly prepared, things can go wrong in the application process.

Despite what DIY kits and YouTube tutorials might make it look like, applying an epoxy coating is not as simple as rolling on paint.  Edges need to be handled very carefully. The coating needs to be applied as evenly as possible. A second coating needs to be added at the correct time.

If any steps are done incorrectly, the coating may not dry correctly, and peeling can happen soon after.

How to Avoid Garage Floor Peeling

The best way to ensure your epoxy coating lasts is to use a professional. An experienced flooring contractor has the tools and expertise needed to complete every step of the job correctly. Before any epoxy is applied, they will make sure the concrete is fully ready to be coating.

It’s simply not worth the risk of messing up the floor by trying to do it yourself. Even when using a professional, coating your garage floor is surprisingly affordable. Just make sure you use someone who knows what they’re doing.

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