For all the purposes they can serve, garages tend to be taken for granted. They’re often left cluttered, dusty, dirtied, and in the dark. This is a shame. After all, your garage is probably the biggest “room” of your house.

So why not make the most of it? Get it cleaned up. Organize it. Throw stuff away that you’re not using. Add some better lighting. And if you haven’t already, finish the flooring.

Virtually everyone has a concrete floor in their garage. Chances are, it’s just a plain, grey slab of concrete that’s been untouched since it was laid. While concrete is great by itself, it has much more potential. With some sealant or epoxy (and maybe even a little stain), it can be transformed into something truly beautiful and unique.

“But is it actually worth the process of finishing my concrete?” you ask.

Yes, it is. Here’s why.

It Opens Up More Possibilities in Your Garage

Are you just using your garage for storage and parking? Then chances are, it’s not something you want people to see the inside of. But with a finished floor (along with maybe some cleaning), your garage can be utilized as a hangout space that’s perfect for a casual get together or a full-blown party.

The truth is, your garage can be used for many different purposes, and finishing your floor is a great step towards unlocking its true potential.

It’s Easier to Clean

No matter what you do, plain concrete always looks a little dirty and dusty. You can sweep it. You can attempt to mop it. But it will never look fully clean. Plain concrete creates dust itself. Finished concrete, however, is a breeze to clean.

A smooth, polished finish can easily be swept and occasionally mopped to retain its wonderful sheen.

It’s Stain Resistant

Garages are a common place for spills and drips. Your car might leak some sort of fluid. You may tip over a container of something else. While chemicals like oil can immediately stain bare concrete, a sealed floor can resistant most chemicals long enough for you to clean them up.

This helps your concrete keep its appearance longer.

It Looks Better

Speaking of appearance, there’s really no comparison between unfinished and finished concrete. A finished floor just looks better. You’d be surprised what subtle effects a better looking floor can have.

It’s Quick and Affordable

Many put off finishing their concrete flooring because it sounds like an expensive mess. The truth is, concrete sealant or epoxy can be applied quickly at an affordable price. Yes, you’ll need to clear your garage’s floor, but this will ultimately help you clean (and probably throw away) things.

However, you should utilize a professional to finish your garage floor. Sealants, stains, and epoxies can all create a hard-to-fix mess when done improperly. The last thing you want is to pay someone to remove your failed attempt of finishing your floor, only to then have to pay them to do it correctly.

Get it done right the first time. Even with professional application, finished concrete is affordable. For garage floor coating in Ohio, contact Select Flooring Systems today!