If you’re looking to refresh the look of your flooring, we recommend putting epoxy flooring in the running. More and more, we’ve seen it as a great option when moving from carpet and updating the look of concrete.

Before we get into that, what is epoxy flooring? Epoxy is a part resin and part hardener that gives it the strength and glossy finish that you’ve seen in concrete before.

Commercial use also isn’t the only place we see epoxy flooring as a viable option. Here are a few of the places we’ve seen epoxy shine.


We’ve seen this as an excellent option for epoxy flooring because it always does a great job of highlighting your product. The shine and reflection give a heightened perspective of your in the mind of the potential customer.


The garage can often be a dirty place. Whether your car has a leak or it’s your workstation, it leaves the opportunity for stains to become a problem. The finish of epoxy flooring is perfect for garages because it’s tough to stain and easy to maintain.


Like the picture shows, epoxy flooring can also create a modern look for your office space. It can communicate a working area that is cutting edge, which may be precisely what your business needs.


Hallways are often forgotten when people are thinking about flooring, but epoxy flooring can be perfect in hallways because it can take on a low profile. They’re easy to clean, and if you don’t want them to be a focus, they become a great supporting role in your spaces aesthetic.

There are so many places to consider epoxy flooring, but the biggest thing to decide is if it right for you. If you’re looking for epoxy flooring in Ohio, give us a call at Select Flooring Systems to get a free quote today. Tell us what you have in mind, and we’ll give you our best recommendation.