Tis the season… to be chilly. Temperatures are dropping and if you live in Ohio, you know it’s only a matter of time before the snow is falling. At this point, you may be scattering to finish your last-minute outdoor projects. Blow out your sprinkler, rake the leaves, bring in the patio furniture and prepare the garage. 

Our garages can be wonderful resources in the winter. Garages keep our cars protected from the winter elements and provide a space to do outdoor projects away from the snow and ice. 

But in order for our garages to stay nice, we need to be proactive in protecting them from the winter elements—specifically your concrete floors. Winter elements can be damaging to your concrete floors. From snow, ice, cold temperatures, and road salt. 

Help protect the durability of your concrete by following these maintenance tips this winter. 

Keep Snow out of Your Garage

We know this seems obvious, but it is worth mentioning. You may not be able to keep your garage 100% snow free but limiting the amount of snow that one sin can make a big difference. 

Shovel out any snow dropped by your car or boots on a regular basis. Keep your garage closed to prevent snow from blowing in. 

Stay on Top of Your Cleaning

One of the best ways you can keep your garage looking its best is to clean it regularly. After a storm blows through and pushes snow and salt into your garage, get out there and shovel. Clean up salt as soon as it gets laid down, and you can prevent it from causing stains in the first place.

Anytime you notice a large amount of salt or icy water sitting on your garage floor, get it cleaned up as soon as possible. It might not sound like fun, but a little extra work now can save you a lot of work in the spring.

Lay Down a Containment Mat

A mat is the best way to keep excess salt and water off your concrete floor. You can use these mats in the winter, roll them up and pack them away during the rest of the year. They also do an excellent job of protecting your floor. They’re available in a variety of sizes, meaning you can get one just large enough to park your car on, or one large enough to cover the entirety of your garage floor.

These mats collect all the ice, slush, and salt that come in on your car’s tires. It all drips down onto the mat, keeping your floor largely unscathed. Then, when spring comes, these mats are fairly easy to remove, clean, and store until next winter.

Add a Doormat

Since there’s always a heavy focus on the amount of salt we track in on our car tires, sometimes we forget just how much salt comes in on our shoes. A doormat is one good way to prevent salt from entering your home. Especially if you choose a smaller containment mat, such as one that is just big enough for your car to park on, it’s a good idea to also include a smaller mat in front of the door.

Apply a Sealant

If you didn’t add a concrete sealer when your garage floor was poured, do it now before winter arrives. A good penetrating sealer will block fluids and salt from ever sinking into the concrete in the first place.

This type of sealant works by penetrating the concrete floor and creating a protective layer just beneath the surface. This layer then blocks any fluids from passing through it, thus preventing much of the typical damage that occurs in the winter. 

Add an Epoxy Coating

Another popular method of winterizing your garage floor is an epoxy coating. As one of the toughest garage floor sealers for snow, this sealant will effectively keep out all types of winter weather, keeping your garage floor clean and damage-free. Epoxy coatings are also an attractive option because of how easy they are to clean.

Weather Disclaimer

It’s important to note, however, that you can’t apply these types of coatings in temperatures lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If the weather is colder than this during the installation process, the coating won’t cure properly. If you want this type of coating, you’ll have to plan ahead and install it well before winter sets in.

Concrete Flooring General Contractor

When it comes to high-quality concrete floors our flooring general contractors in Ohio know their stuff. For any additional questions about keeping your concrete protected this winter, contact our team at Select Flooring Systems today.