Stamped concrete is a beautiful and innovative way to add design and durability to any walkways, patio, or concrete surface. Those who have decided on stamped concrete versus stone, tile, or other materials generally save time and money. But many of them question how long these savings will last.

How long does stamped concrete last?

The quick answer is this: If stamped concrete is installed properly and well maintained it can last just as long as standard concrete which can reach 25 years!

How is stamped concrete done?

Stamped concrete is just as durable and last as long as standard concrete because the installment process and material are virtually the same. The only difference is the stamping process itself. 

The stamping process is done when the concrete has dried slightly. This allows it to be malleable enough to create the texture and design of your stamp. 

Once the stamping is completed, a sealer is applied. The sealing process is important in making your stamped concrete last as long as possible. Concrete sealer protects against the elements and anything that could damage the surface of your design. 

Even though stamped concrete is incredibly durable, it should not be used for substantial weight bearing. Stamped concrete is best used and last longest on patios, walkways, and other aesthetic purposes. 

Stamped Concrete in Ohio

If you are ready to pour your new patio or walkways, consider enhancing the look with stamped concrete. You get the best of both worlds with durability and beautiful design. Our Concrete professionals at Select Flooring Sytems can get you on your way to enjoying a new patio in no time!