It’s a fact that concrete is one of the most durable interior or exterior materials you can use. This affordable material will look nice for years to come. When it comes to concrete you really get a lot of bang for your buck. 

But no material is entirely indestructible. After years in the elements or exposure to stress and traffic, your concrete can eventually lose its luster. It may develop cracks, chips, or other flaws. But the excellent news is, these can be repaired.

What Causes Concrete Damage?

Unfortunately durable doesn’t mean it’s indestructible. Since concrete is a porous material it can be affected by temperature, weather, and stress. 

Common causes of concrete damage include:

  • Stains from spills or fallen leaves
  • Pitting from salts in the winter
  • Cracks result from expansion and contraction due to temperature changes
  • Mold or mildew growth from wet or humid weather
  • Chips and scratches from shovels, outdoor furniture, and other heavy-use items
  • Cracking and shifting due to ground movement or tree roots

While a homeowner can fill some small and narrow cracks, when it comes to repairing your concrete damage it is going to be best to bring in a professional. Our team at Select Flooring System has years of experience in Concrete repair all around Ohio. If you are noticing your concrete is in rough shape, it could be time to give us a call.

We can walk you through your repair options which will likely include:

  • Epoxy Injections- These injections can be used to stabilize small cracks. The epoxy filling is a good option for cracks that are smaller than .05 millimeters and not actively widening or growing larger. Epoxy will help stop the crack from spreading by providing it some stability. 
  • Concrete Stitching- Stitching is a more involved method that will utilize tie bars perpendicular to the crack. The crack will then be filed with grout or epoxy to hold everything in place and stop the crack from widening or spreading. This is a good option for larger cracks. 
  • Routing and sealing- This method involve enlarging the crack along its exposed face through routing and filling and sealing it with a suitable joint sealant. After the sealant cures, the excess is ground or sanded from the top to ensure a flush surface.
  •  Drilling and plugging- Drilling and plugging a crack consists of drilling down the length of the crack and grouting it to form a key and sealing the crack.

A concrete repair usually requires professional tools and expert knowledge. For concrete repair done right contact our team at Select Flooring Systems today!