For years concrete has been used in industrial commercial settings. If you walked into a warehouse, factory, storage facilities, and other non-customer-facing facilities you would likely see basic unfinished concrete. Why? Because it is durable, long-lasting, and affordable. 

Today, so many design and finishing touches can be added to concrete that it is no longer only for the back rooms and warehouses. Concrete can be customized and finished in countless beautiful ways to enhance any commercial space and even impress your customers or clients. 

Let’s take a look at some different commercial industries and how they could utilize polished or finished concrete in their buildings to achieve a high-end look on a budget.


Stamped, polished, and other finished concrete are making their mark on the commercial industry. A basic concrete floor is still tried and true when it comes to warehouses and other spaces like it. When it comes to warehouse flooring, you want something durable and can withstand high traffic from workers and heavy machinery. Concrete can do that at an affordable price. 

While you may not invest in any fancy stamp or stain for your concrete floors in a warehouse, you can still utilize sealers and non-slip agents to increase the lifespan and enhance safety. 

Event Venues

Event venues are another area that needs floors to withstand high traffic. This can include indoor venues, arenas, and stadiums. The number of people that flood in and out of these venues is astronomical. Concrete can handle the stress of this much foot traffic and even heavy machinery.

Event flooring must look clean and fresh at the start of each event. Concrete flooring is easy to clean and maintain and can be enhanced with stamps, stains, or polished for a custom look to match your venue. 


Healthcare offices, hospitals, and other facilities utilize concrete as a long-lasting, easy-to-sanitized, and safe flooring option. Concrete flooring can be designed and installed to accommodate these demanding environments. 

For Healthcare facilities specifically, quick and easy sanitation is a priority. Concrete floors discourage bacterial growth and can remain clean with little maintenance. 


Concrete flooring can be used in both restaurant dining areas and kitchens. In the dining areas, custom concrete can enhance the design of your restaurant while in the kitchen concrete can be installed for durability and safety. 


The use of concrete is rising in the Hotel industry. Concrete can enhance popular modern, industrial, and rustic designs. But concrete is not limited to these styles, stained, stamped, and polished concrete can be used to mimic tile and other high-end design looks at a fraction of the cost.  

Commercial Concrete in Ohio

As you can see, concrete can be customized to suit pretty much any commercial space in Ohio. From its durability and low maintenance needs to its design and affordability Concrete will likely suit the needs of your space. Our team of commercial concrete flooring professionals at Select Flooring Systems can help you make the best selections for your commercial industry.  Call us today!