Many homeowners have realized the benefits of epoxy garage floor coatings. Not only do they enhance the durability of the concrete in their garage but it looks nice and adds a beautiful finish to an otherwise less than impressive or glamorous space.

An epoxy floor coating can transform your garage from a storage space or place to park your car to an extension of your home.

The benefits of adding an epoxy floor coating to your garage are vast and we may be biased, but should be a no brainer for homeowners to add to their home enhancement list.

In today’s world, most homeowners turn to the internet or DIY videos when a home project comes up. Many are looking for ways to save money and oftentimes doing a project of your own is a way to do just that.

Is DIY Always The Best Option?

When it comes to epoxy floor coating, you can find many different brands and styles of at home kits that allow you to add a coating to your garage floor on your own.

We have seen many homeowners go this route in an attempt to save money. Unfortunately, the DIY route doesn’t always save you money in the long run and isn’t always the same level of quality and effectiveness you get when you hire a professional.

Advantages of Using a Professional for Garage Floor Coating

Like most DIY projects, applying an epoxy garage floor coating is easier said than done. At select flooring Systems we specialize in applying garage floor coating for residents of Ohio, and have saved countless homeowners from DIY disasters.

Proper Preparation

When you hire a professional, you can ensure your garage floor will be properly prepped for the epoxy coating process. This is arguably one of the most important steps in the whole process. If preparation is skipped or not done thoroughly, the rest of the process can be unsuccessful.
Professionals have the proper tools and machinery to effectively clean and abrade your garage floors before applying any epoxy. This can be done by a professional in half the time it may take you to manually do it with twice the effectiveness.

Improved Appearance

As professionals who apply epoxy coatings over and over again, we have learned a few tricks and techniques that ensure the final finish of your concrete floors looks flawless.

In addition to professional technique, we offer a vast variety of finishing options to meet your unique needs. DIY kits offer limited finishing appearances that homeowners don’t usually understand how to apply without imperfections throughout.

Higher Quality

Not only will the preparation and application be of higher quality, the product a professional uses will also be higher quality. Most at home epoxy kits contain up to 50% water which makes them much less durable, more susceptible to chipping and leads to homeowners needing to touch up or reapply much more often.

In the long run, using a professional to apply your epoxy garage floor coating can save you money as the product they use will be 100% solid with no water added. This makes it more durable, offers more protection to your floors, and won’t need to be touched up or reapplied for years to come.