Like many other areas of home construction and design, innovation has continued to happen in the area of flooring within home or commercial construction.

This innovation in flooring has consistently moved in the direction of what is both affordable and durable. Homeowners want floors that will look nice, stand the test of time, and that isn’t too expensive.

Real hardwood floors and expensive floor tile have taken a back seat to newly developed engineer hardwood flooring and even concrete flooring.

You may be surprised to hear concrete flooring is rising in popularity, but it checks all the boxes homeowners are looking for.

Concrete Flooring is Durable

It will stand the test of time when used both inside or outside your home. Children, pets, and heavy traffic do not match the durability of concrete flooring.

Concrete Flooring is Affordable

Compared to most other flooring options out there, concrete flooring is one of the cheapest options, especially for the quality it provides. Concrete is simply a cheaper material, than wood or tile for example, and takes less labor to install.

Concrete Flooring is versatile

When homeowners think of concrete they often trap themselves in the box of garage floors and driveways. Innovation in concrete flooring, however, has led to stamped concrete. The introduction of stamped concrete has made it one of the most versatile flooring materials on the market.

Stamped concrete, in combination with different techniques of staining or painting, has also led to it being one of the most beautiful flooring options.

Stamped concrete can be used to replicate wood grain planks, tile, brick, and other custom designs. Stamped concrete involves texturizing, embossing, and stamping concrete to make it match the design of another material. Combined with some concrete stain and sealant, and the difference is virtually impossible to see.

The possibilities for stamped concrete both inside and outside your home are endless. Some Of the most common places we have been using stamped concrete are below. Read on to see how you could update your flooring with this affordable, durable, and versatile flooring option.


This high traffic area is prone to spills, dents, and damage. Concrete will provide the durability you need for your kitchen and can be stamped to replicate any material you desire!

Entry ways

Another high traffic area that sees dirt, salt, and a lot of moisture. Concrete is an excellent option to stand up to the harsh conditions an entryway faces.

Pool decks

Stamped concrete can take an average pool deck and easily elevate it to enhance your own unique style or feel for your backyard.

Garden Paths or Walkways

Have you always dreamed of a paver path or brick walkway leading up to your front door? Achieving these curb appeal dreams no longer have to break the bank. Stamped concrete can give you the look you have always envisioned at an affordable price.

Next time you want to upgrade your flooring or outdoor spaces, consider looking into the vast world of stamped concrete, in Ohio. Select Flooring Systems specialized in customizing our concrete flooring to your unique style or needs, all at an affordable price.