Many homes in Ohio have some sort of concrete finishings. Whether it be a concrete driveway, walkways, garage floor, or even countertops or interior floors. Concrete has remained popular and even grown in use over the years because it is a study and durable choice for a wide variety of applications inside and outside your house. 

Even the best materials, however, come with a few weaknesses. For concrete, moisture underneath, poorly compacted soil, or soil moisture fluctuations can cause concrete to become unlevel. 

The Hazards of Unlevel Concrete

When concrete becomes unlevel, it is vital to level it out. This is best done by a professional in Concrete repair in Ohio. Our team at Select Flooring Systems have helped countless homeowners repair and level their concrete to ensure a safe environment for their families for years to come. 

Safety Concerns

Unlevel concrete presents safety concerns for your family, guests, and anyone who walks across it. An uneven surface such as unlevel or cracked concrete is a tripping hazard and overall, provides no balance or support to those walking across it. 

If you needed to use a ladder on your concrete, for instance, the lack of evenness would present a serious problem that could end in injury. Also placing patio furniture on uneven concrete could result in wobbly seating. By leveling your concrete, you’re creating a safer home environment and minimizing liability.

Pooling Water

Uneven concrete slabs can provide the perfect spots for water to pool. 

Standing water on unlevel concrete slabs can be harmful, especially in colder seasons when they turn into ice puddles. Water and ice both can seep into cracks, creating larger fissures and damaging the concrete entirely. Standing water is also a breeding ground for bacteria, which isn’t safe for pets or children who are low to the ground, and can attract mosquitoes in the warmer months.

Concrete Repair in Ohio

Not only will a repaired and leveled concrete slab visually look better but it will be safer and last longer. Leveling concrete slabs is a technical job that involves lifting and advanced repair techniques. Don’t try this on your own!

Contact our team at Select Flooring Systems to get your concrete looking like new today!