Concrete has been around for what seems like forever… yet as experts in all things concrete we see new trends and technologies emerge year after year. This simply solidifies the fact that concrete’s durability, versatility, and affordability make it a time-tested and long-lasting material choice for your home or commercial space. 

For more on how concrete could be used in your next home project, contact our team at Select Flooring Systems. In the meantime, We dug up these emerging trends for contractors, interior designers, DIY homeowners, and anyone looking to improve their space with an interior or exterior concrete update.

Commercial Concrete Trends

Tilt-up Construction

Tilt-Up construction features a series of concrete panels tilted up into place to form a building’s exterior wall. These panels are created at the work site using wood forms, rebar, and concrete. The forms are shaped and rebar cut to match the final designs. Next, concrete is poured into the forms and finished.

When the walls are ready, they’re tilted into a vertical position and set on foundational footings where they form the external structure of the building. 

Concrete Frame Work

Now your load-bearing walls can be made out of concrete. Utilizing an innovative tunnel-form method allows walls and slabs to be poured simultaneously. This means faster setting and removal of wall forms to allow for the acceleration of construction projects.

Drone Use

Drones are everywhere these days and industry experts are using them as part of the construction process. Concrete pros can improve the visibility of their project, check in regularly on progress and provide clients with updates throughout the build. 

 New Technology in Concrete

Emerging trends in concrete are changing not only what we can build, but also how we build it. Here are two new concrete trends from

Reactive Powder

This highly workable and durable, ultra-high strength concrete eliminates the need for coarse aggregates. With a potential compressive strength of 30,000 psi, reactive powder concrete’s tensile strength is on par with steel fibers.

Translucent Concrete

Adding optical fibers to a concrete mix creates a “see-through” effect that challenges the opaque nature of traditional concrete. Thanks to the optical fibers, light is conducted through the stone from one end to the other.

Commercial Concrete in Ohio

There’s one thing that’s for sure, the use of concrete in construction is never going away. This material continues to stand the test of time while being improved upon through new technologies and applications. See how concrete could save you time and money in your next commercial build. Contact our team for an estimate on Commercial Concrete in Ohio today.