The flooring of a commercial establishment is a bigger deal than you may think. As people are stepping through the door, it’s often the first thing they see. This sets an aesthetic precedence of the entire building.

It doesn’t matter how cool the rest of your office is. If your floor is covered in ugly carpet or cheap tile, it’s going to ruin everything.

But even beyond appearance, the floor of a business is bound to take a beating from foot-traffic, moving furniture, and day-to-day office living.

You may be able to protect the floor of your home, but a business’s floor is much more exposed.

That’s why hard flooring is often the best choice for a commercial space. Lately, wood flooring has become the trendy option for many. But just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s the best. Let’s take a look at how wood flooring stacks up against stained concrete in a commercial floor.

Wood Flooring vs. Stained Concrete

Wood flooring has a timeless look and will likely remain in style until the end of time. But its appearance is quite limited. You can go for wide or narrow planks, and you can choose a darker finish or a lighter one, but that’s about it.

Once you’ve seen one wooden floor, you’ve seen most of them.

Wooden floors have decent longevity, though they are prone to cracking, chipping, and scratching. Additionally, if water gets in them, they can rot and mold.

Comparatively, stained concrete highly resistant to moisture and damage. Should it become damaged, all you need is some simple concrete repair in that spot. Repairing wooden floors often requires removing a large portion of the floor.

As for appearances, stained concrete offers near limitless options with different patterns, colors, finishes, and more. And if you really want that wooden floor appearance, you can achieve it with stained concrete at a cheaper rate.

If you already have concrete flooring in place, staining and styling it can be significantly cheaper than going with a wooden floor.

Stained Concrete is Definitely an Option Worth Considering

We’re not saying wooden floors are a terrible option, but in almost all categories, stained concrete is simply better. If you’d like to learn more about what stained concrete can do for you, contact a professional.

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