Epoxy floors are a popular choice these days for homes and businesses alike. They provide a durable surface and beautiful appearance, making them the perfect finish for areas that you want to look attractive in spite of the heavy traffic they receive.

While epoxy can be great for virtually every concrete flooring situation, we thought we’d share a few spaces where it really shines*.

(*pun intended)


One of the best places for a quality epoxy floor is a showroom. It gives that beautiful reflective finish that makes rooms look bigger and leaves everything shimmering. It’s great at withstanding the objects in the showroom, along with the traffic that will inevitably walk through it.


Lobbies are the first impression your building makes. You want them to look beautiful. But they also take the biggest beating, so they need to be resistant to moisture and stains. A great epoxy coating can handle both of these needs, wowing your visitors while making things beautiful.


Entryways don’t usually get the same attention to detail as lobbies, despite serving a similar purpose. Don’t overlook your entryways. Take them to the next level with an epoxy floor.


A beautiful kitchen is a must have these days. But kitchens are also the room that’s most prone to spills and general messes. With the right epoxy floor, you can create the perfect accent while making clean up incredibly simple.

Most of the time, a simple dust broom with suffice. When you need to go a little deeper, just grab a mop, and in a few minutes, the floor will look as good as new.

Epoxy flooring is absolutely perfect for kitchens.


While carpet is often a popular choice for basements, it can lead to troubles down the road. Many basements are prone to flooding and moisture, which is bad news for carpet. Should worse come to worse, an epoxy flooring can hold out against the elements, allowing you to make the best of a bad situation.

Garage Floor

Want a garage floor that isn’t a plain slab of concrete? Shake things up with a stylized epoxy floor.

Not Sure if Epoxy Flooring is Right for You?

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