It’s amazing how much a simple update can transform your home. If you’re looking to take your patio, kitchen, bathroom, garden, or backyard pool to the next level, then stamped concrete is a great choice. It provides all of the benefits of a traditional concrete foundation with nearly limitless possibilities.

In fact, the sheer number of styles and options can be overwhelming. You can make it look like granite, marble, stone, and more. You can mix in different colors and patterns. And of course, it looks great both inside and outside.

So to help you out and get your imagination going, we thought we’d show some examples featuring our past work.

Ashlar Patterns

Tile patterns have remained a staple in design. They break up plain, flat surfaces, creating character and intricacy. Ashlar stamping takes this further, providing a unique pattern layout that breaks up the monotony of traditional tile arrangements. With the right finish, ashlar patterns can be made to look like stone, slate, and more.

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Though a little old-fashioned, brick never truly goes out of style. Nothing looks quite like brick…except stamped concrete designed to look like brick. Your eyes won’t be able to tell the difference from the real thing, and maintaining it will be a lot easier than an actual brick floor.

If you’re considering actual brick flooring, do yourself a favor and go with brick-styled concrete instead.


Sometimes, it’s hard to beat wood flooring. It’s a classic style that transcends trends, styles, and time. But it’s not perfect. It rots, wears, and squeaks. It’s prone to damage, especially outdoors. Also, it can be a little pricy.

If you want the appearance of wood with the reliability of concrete, consider wood-patterned concrete instead.


Want something with a traditional European feel? Cobblestone patterns are a good way to go. It’s certainly older style, but that doesn’t mean it should be retired. With the right setting, cobblestone looks as good as it ever did.

Mixing Styles

Why pick one style of stamped concrete when you can mix patterns to create something truly unique? Incorporate flat, glossy segments within a traditional tiled pattern. Frame brick patterns with wood for an old-fashioned flair.

With stamped concrete, you can accomplish looks that would otherwise be almost impossible.

Hiring the Right Professional

Stamped concrete is something that requires specific tools and a delicate hand to achieve a cohesive finish. It’s not something you want to trust just anyone to do. At Select Flooring Systems, we have the equipment and the experience to accomplish just about any look you’re trying to achieve.

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