Epoxy floor coating provides a variety of benefits to those who utilize them. This can include increased durability, affordability, easy maintenance, and visual appeal.

Additionally, epoxy floor coating provides concrete crucial protection against oil, water, and various types of stains. Concrete without epoxy coating is likely to suffer deterioration that is preventable.

Although epoxy garage floor coating in Ohio enhances the aesthetic appeal and durability of concrete surfaces, it can be susceptible to peeling after many years of use.

Here are some ways to prevent epoxy floor coating on your garage floor from peeling:

Clean Your Epoxy Floors

Keeping your floors clean will help lengthen their life and prevent peeling. Using a soft brush or dust mop will avoid scratching when cleaning your epoxy-coated floors.

Watch Out For Moisture

Moisture in contact with epoxy flooring can lead to peeling. Once the floor has been washed, it should be allowed to dry for a minimum of 24 hours prior to the application of new resin. When epoxy contacts water, hydrostatic pressure develops. As a result of moisture accumulation and pressure, the epoxy flooring may sustain damage.

Address Damage

Even though epoxy-coated concrete floors are extremely durable, they can still sustain some damage. It is important to quickly repair minor damage to prevent it from spreading or creating a bigger problem.

Utilize Floor Mats

Placing floor mats at the entrance ways of areas can help prevent the accumulation of dirt, mud, and other debris on the garage epoxy flooring which will help prevent peeling in high-traffic areas.

Work With Epoxy Floor Coating Professionals in Ohio

Having a professional apply and maintain your garage floor coatings will assure it is used properly and give your floors a longer life. To learn more about the garage floor epoxy products and services we offer contact us at Select Flooring Systems today!