Completing any sort of flooring project is usually a big investment of time, energy, and money. Doing the job right is the best way to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. When it comes to finishing concrete flooring, seeking expert help is the best way to make sure the job is done right. 

Any professional, including our team at Select Flooring Systems in Ohio, is going to suggest you finish your concrete with a floor coating, and in many situations, they may advise an epoxy floor coating. 

Utilizing epoxy flooring in Ohio is going to protect your new flooring investment for years to come. 

What is Epoxy Flooring, Anyways?

Epoxy floor coating provides a sturdy, often shiny, medium to hard surface finish that’s great for heavy-duty use in both indoor and outdoor settings. 

Epoxy flooring is a two-part solvent made from a thick resin and a hardener. The resin material is part of the epoxy that’s dyed, and the hardener reacts with the resin to help the mixture set and solidify.

The solution hardens into a thick, durable plastic that’s soft enough to walk on comfortably but resilient enough to resist dents and scratches. This makes epoxy garage floor coating popular in high-traffic environments where other materials like carpets or hardwood floors wouldn’t hold up.

Top Uses for Epoxy Flooring

Given its unique durability and appearance epoxy flooring is most commonly found in garages. But there are many other applications that can benefit from epoxy floor coating. 

In the home, practical spaces like laundry rooms and basements are common areas where you’ll find floor epoxy. In the business sphere, epoxy garage floor coatings are found in all sorts of retail environments, showrooms, and malls. Public spaces like schools and hospitals are other popular spots where you’ll find epoxy flooring.


The most common place you will find epoxy flooring is in garages. Epoxy flooring transforms your garage concrete floor into a durable and sturdy surface that will last for years. Epoxy coating also helps concrete floors stand up to oil, chemicals, road salt, and other damaging contaminants found in a garage. 


Most basements are home to mechanical equipment, washers, and dryers, sump pumps and more. With all the water running through these spaces it doesn’t make sense to install carpet or hardwood. But the foundational concrete isn’t always attractive on its own. Epoxy flooring not only adds a layer of protection to your basement concrete but can be customized to your aesthetic liking. 


Utilizing epoxy flooring in a public restroom is a great way to save some money. Instead of spending on linoleum or tile simply cover your concrete floors with epoxy for a beautiful look at a fraction of the cost. 

Cleaning your epoxy coating is a breeze, and in a space like your bathroom, you want to spend as little time cleaning up messes as possible. Never scrub grout again with an ultra-tough 100%-solids epoxy floor coating in one solid piece for your bathroom.


Public storefronts receive high levels of traffic. You may see hundreds or thousands of customers walk through your space, that’s a lot of wear and tear. Concrete is going to be your best bet when it comes to durability with that kind of traffic. Additionally, an epoxy coating can be customized in color and style to match your storefront design. 

Industrial Shops

Your factory floor is a busy place with dozens of workers bustling about and expensive heavy machinery humming all night long. At the end of the shift, cleanup can be as easy as epoxy flooring in Ohio. Durable and lasting floors are essential to a safe working environment. Epoxy flooring is less likely to chip and crack, preventing tripping hazards, and can be poured in a non-slip version to help prevent slips and falls. 


Anywhere there is water, concrete flooring with epoxy flooring is going to be a great match. Concrete is easy to build drainage into your flooring and won’t be easily damaged by water the way other flooring materials are. Epoxy is more durable than other floor coatings or paints and will stay looking beautiful despite constant exposure to water. 

Epoxy Flooring in Ohio

Adding an epoxy coating to your concrete flooring is an amazing option for a wide range of flooring needs. As you have read epoxy is great for pricing durable, waterproof, and attractive floorings that will last for years to come. 

Whether you are just getting started with new concrete floors or looking to enhance your floors with an epoxy coating, we have you covered. Contact our team today.