If you have a concrete garage floor (chances are you do) but you don’t have any sort of garage floor coating over top, you could be in trouble. Garage floors take a beating. While concrete is an incredibly durable material, it isn’t indestructible. That’s the beauty of garage floor coatings, it takes an already durable surface and gives it even more life through an additional protective layer. 

From everyday vehicle, bicycle, or pedestrian traffic to oil and chemical spills your concrete garage floors are exposed to a lot. Additional temperature fluctuations cause concrete to expand and retreat throughout the year. 

Over the years an unprotected garage floor may start to show cracks, stains, and pitting. 

Maybe you know you need to add a garage floor coating to your concrete but aren’t sure what the best option is. 

It’s true there are a number of options you can choose from when it comes to protecting your garage floor. Only a few of these options, in our professional opinion, will really stand the test of time. For this reason, we will give you a brief overview of your options, starting with the best. 

1. Polyaspartic floor coating

When it comes to protecting your garage floor, one of your best options is going to be a polyaspartic floor coating. This coating is made up of professional grade materials, applied by trained professionals, like us at select flooring systems. The difference between polyaspartic floor coating and others, is that these coatings penetrate deeper into your concrete. Instead of just a surface bond, this coating will create a foundational bond with the concrete that is virtually impermeable. 

A polyaspartic coating provides great floor protection, is easy to clean and maintain, and enhances a garage’s aesthetic appeal.

2. Epoxy floor coating

Epoxy floor coating is another great and effective way to protect your garage floors. This coating can be installed by professionals (our recommendation) but can also be purchased in DIY kits. 

Epoxy floor coatings, when applied correctly, do a wonderful job of adding an extra layer of protection from wear and tear, contaminates, and even temperature changes your floors are likely subject to on a daily basis. 

3. Garage floor tiles

When a homeowner doesn’t want to directly upgrade their flooring surface they can choose to purchase garage floor tiles 

Floor tiles may be better suited to your floor upgrade budget. If you have floor damage that’s out of your price range to fix, floor tiles are also a cost-effective option to cover up an unattractive surface.

While floor tiles won’t actually remedy any issues with garage floor degradation, they do help minimize further surface damage from wear and tear occurring.

4. Concrete Resurfacer

When looking into protecting concrete floors or repairing damaged concrete floors resurfacer is an option. 

Concrete resurfacers are made up of a mixture of sand, Portland cement, polymer materials, and additional additives. 

Concrete resurfacers are ideal for floors with light, superficial damage (meaning minor cracks and pitting). Bigger floor problems such as wide and deep cracks, spalling, and extensive pitting would need extensive repairs before applying a resurfacer over them.

6. Floor sealer

Another popular product homeowners choose to protect their garage floors is roll-on sealers. They’re inexpensive, relatively easy to apply, and come in acrylic, latex, and urethane types.

But do they offer much flooring protection? As their name implies, this product does provide a seal for the floor that can protect it from stains and water damage.

However, sealers don’t perform at the same level as polyaspartic and epoxy floor coatings when it comes to protecting a floor.

8. Floor stain or paint

Floor stains or paints may show up in your search to transform your garage floors, but you should know these products will not protect or enhance the durability of your concrete flooring. 

They’re chosen purely for their decorative appearance, which adds color or even a natural stone look to a garage floor’s surface. 

It’s a common misconception from consumers that floor paints protect your floor. Unfortunately, once the paint has been applied and dried, all you’re getting is a cosmetic upgrade to your floor.

Garage Floor Coatings in Ohio

When looking for your best options to actually protect your concrete garage floors and enhance their natural durability, our team at Select Flooring Systems have you covered with the best effective coatings at an affordable price. Contact our team to further discuss the best coating options for your garage floor and get a free quote today!