If you are in the market for a concrete resurfacing company in Ohio, a simple Google search will have you overwhelmed with a multitude of options. 

When it comes to concrete resurfacing, you want the job done right so the work and investment will last for years to come. The good news is, if you pick a reputable and experienced concrete resurfacing company like Select Flooring Systems, it will!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your options? How do you pick the right resurfacing company? We will give you a few tips to vet the companies you have to choose from. If you are in the Springfield, Ohio area we encourage you to contact our team at select flooring systems today!

Background check

Once you have narrowed down a few concrete resurfacing companies in your area, don’t shy away from getting some background information. You can usually find information on the background, clients served, pricing structures, and more online. This can give you valuable perspective before deciding which company would be best for you. 

Find a contractor with experience

The quality of work you receive on your resurfacing project will be a direct reflection of the skills and experience of the company you choose. Make sure you pick a respected and trustworthy firm with plenty of expertise in this field. It can also be beneficial to choose a company that has experience completing projects similar to yours in size and scope.


Online reviews can be beneficial when sifting through concrete resurfacing contractors. If a single company has many bad reviews it could be a sign they may not be the best options. The best companies to work with usually have many positive reviews that outweigh the negative. No company is perfect so give grace for outlier disgruntled customer reviews you may see here and there. 

Certification and Licenses 

Before engaging with a concrete resurfacing contractor, ensure the business holds the necessary credentials and certifications. It may seem unnecessary; however, being mindful of such requirements is essential. Certification and licenses prove that the company adheres to local regulations while also showcasing expertise within its field – providing peace of mind in knowing they possess quality assurance measures. 

Proper Insurance

If a concrete resurfacing contractor should happen to cause any damage while they are working, the company must have insurance in place to cover any potential costs. Insurance ensures that you won’t end up with an enormous financial burden due to any accident or negligence on their part. 

Making a Decision in Concrete Resurfacing in Ohio

You won’t want to settle when choosing a concrete resurfacing contractor in Ohio. Settling on a contractor will likely lead to settling in the quality of work and service you receive. Taking the time to walk through this checklist and vet your concrete company will save you time, money, and frustration in the long run.

For an established, experienced, and trusted concrete resurfacing in Ohio give our team at Select Flooring Systems a call today.