When looking into sealing options for your concrete, stone, or pavers you may notice a few options arise. Having the perfect stone and concrete as part of your outdoor landscaping is only as good as the concrete sealer you choose.

When looking into concrete sealer in Ohio you will see two options: topical sealer and penetrating sealer. In this post, we will go over the difference between these two and how to choose the right one for your application. 

The Importance of Sealer

The good news is if you are here looking into different types of sealer you may already have an understanding of how important sealer is. 

Sealing is absolutely essential for protecting your natural stone or concrete surfaces from damage and maximizing their service life. With the right sealer, you’ll get protection from:

  • Water damage
  • Chemical damage
  • Stains
  • Abrasion
  • UV damage
  • Wear and tear

Unfortunately choosing the wrong sealer could result in costly and labor-intensive damages, so it’s important to get the right product for your natural stone, concrete, or pavers the first time—and every time—that you seal them. For guidance in choosing the right sealer every time, contact our team at Select Flooring Systems today. 

What is a Penetrating Sealer?

A penetrating sealer goes beneath the surface of your stone, concrete, or pavers and into the pores, where it reacts chemically to create a protective bond. This fills the pores, making the material denser and less absorbent. Once sealed, the surface will shed water and other liquids, thus reducing the likelihood of stains. It will also be more difficult for dirt and dust to get trapped in the pores, so the surface will be easier to keep clean. Penetrating sealers are an excellent choice for high-traffic areas because they do not create a slippery film on top of your stone.

What is a Topical Coating Sealer?

A topical sealer creates a protective layer or film on the top surface of your concrete or pavers. This layer will serve a variety of purposes including repelling moisture, a barrier against dirt, grease, and chemicals, and a protective layer from daily wear and tear. Depending on the type of topical coating sealer you choose, it can also give your surfaces a darker color and a glossy finish.

Need Help Choosing? Contact Select Flooring Systems

At select flooring systems, we have years of experience in sealing concrete to keep it looking beautiful and maintaining its durability for years to come. For concrete sealer in Ohio contact us today.