If you have read any of our previous blog posts then you know we like to boast about the durability of concrete for almost any surface in your home, outdoor living areas, or even commercial spaces.

When compared to most other materials, it rings true that concrete is always going to be one of your most durable options. Does this mean concrete is indestructible? Unfortunately, no.

While we wish we have found the first and only indestructible building and designing material on the planet. We have not.

With that said, there are very few things that introduce risk to your concrete finish and may cause significant damage. Luckily, this isn’t super common and for the most part can be avoided.

Let’s take a look at what can actually damage concrete and lead you to seek concrete repair in Ohio.


It is possible for your concrete to experience noticeable corrosion. This typically comes from the steel bars that are embedded within your concrete. These bars are placed there as a way to reinforce concrete surfaces and provide a high level of structural stability.

The concrete that is poured over these bars usually provides a strong barrier so corrosion does not take place. Unfortunately, if your concrete is exposed to chemicals like de-icers, they can seep into the pores of the concrete and start corrosion that will make its way to the surface of your concrete, causing cracks and damages.

The best way to avoid this is to seal or epoxy your concrete to provide a tight seal.


Excess moisture does not go well with concrete, especially on outside surfaces. When your concrete pores are filled with excess moisture and then goes through a freeze and thaw cycle this moisture is given the opportunity to expand and crack your concrete.

Proper installation and concrete seal can help prevent this excess moisture from being trapped and causing damage.

Fire or Extreme Heat

Fire or an extreme amount of heat poses a threat to concrete. While fire won’t actually burn a concrete surface or engulf it in flames, it will damage the surface and integrity of your concrete.

Installation Mistakes

Unfortunately, one of the most common causes of damage to concrete is improper installation. This can easily be avoided by hiring a trusted professional like our team at Select Flooring Systems.

Installation mistakes can include bad joints, excessive moisture in curing, or premature sealing. It is important to not cut any corners in the concrete installation process or it could be detrimental to the overall durability of the product.

Concrete Repair

If you believe your concrete has been affected by any of the hazards above, it could be time to look into repairs before it gets worse. Concrete can oftentimes be repaired easily by a professional who knows what they’re doing. Give us a call today to assess your concrete damage and start your repairs today!